A mustache on your buttstock:

haha that’s great.  It’s nice to see humor brighten up any aspect of anyone’s job.

Available for $5 (per set of 4) over at Four Guys Guns.

Question… If something like this becomes widespread in a unit, will command put a stop to it?

Hat tip: Kyle S.


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With beards like this, these boy scouts could operate in some pretty serious operations… black ops even:

Like Martin Luther King, I also dream of a day when operators can be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their ops.

All that’s missing is a more tactical outfit, some high speed low drag sunglasses, and a black rifle.

The pics are from the “Be One With The Wild” print ad campaign done for the Boy Scouts of America by Olgivy & Mather.

You can view some higher resolution pics in all their glory over at Ads Of The World.

If I could only grow a beard that respectable…


At first I was skeptical, but then I watched the video.

The video is made by youtube channel Action Figure Therapy – HERE

The 3 or so other videos I watched were hilarious as well so you should check them out.

The guy’s voice reminds me of Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down.