muzzle sweep

He was feeling lonely so he fabricated a drill

From the YouTube description:

The reel drill is applied under a specific set of conditions where 2 operators must provide continuous fire towards a threat in a narrow/confined space such as a corridor.  The movement allows for one operator to efficiently and clearly remove himself from the line of fire using after his weapon has gone dry while allowing for the rear operator an immediate line of sight towards the threat.  This drill simulates the need to provide continuous fire from 2 operators – alternatively, if both operators fired at the same it could create a delay in continuous fire due to both having to reload.  The drill also provides a shield for the operator who is reloading.  Do not try this advanced drill on your own at home.

Nothing like getting a gun pointed at your head/back too (0:17 pictured below).  Oh right I forgot, these guys are operational pros therefore immune to “accidents”.


Instructor-ZeroWhatever you do guys, heed the warning and don’t attempt it until you have a YouTube channel with at least 27358 subscribers, and a foreign accent.

This guy MUST have an ammo sponsor by now.



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Shooting technique… Safety… these are important things:

Important for everyone involved because guns are inherently dangerous… a mistake by the shooter could cause serious injury or obviously even death.

Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-Mad0:30 – U MAD BRO?  You didn’t teach her properly, and she muzzle swept your crotch.  Seems about even to me.


Hat tip: Steven


“Oh it’s dark over there, and I can’t see… why don’t I just aim my loaded shotgun with a flashlight mounted on it in that direction.” – Definitely the start of a good idea right there, i’ll have to remember that.

Beanbag loads or buckshot, it really doesn’t make a difference.  At that range a beanbag would kill a person just as dead.

Occupy peeps love when cops mess up, perfect opportunity for a witty chant.  I bet a bunch of them got together after that and filed a formal complaint, which no doubt will be subsequently laughed at and filed in the bin labeled “trash”.