Oh? Gun myths debunked hehe:

Him: “When they’re really actually called suppressors” (0:07)
Me: *see post thumbnail*

Silencer / suppressor is the new clip / magazine.  A true boss always corrects people back if they try to correct you.


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Dom Raso tells it like it is:

Dom-Raso-NRAYea exactly.  The media brainwashes everyone… I swear some people I’ve told that I own guns, probably thought gun owners should sit at the back of the bus and drink from a different water fountain.  Since I don’t shoot much anymore my answer now when people ask why I own them is simple – “because I can, and I want to”.  Sure that has ruffled some feathers when they realize you’re right, especially when it comes to Tinder babes who are just hearing it for the first time. Whatever though it’s their issue to sort out internally, not mine. Plenty of countries to move to with less freedom if that’s what they are looking for. “But guns kill so many people, if we banned them all those people wouldn’t die every day” *sigh…* Feels like groundhog day sometime I swear… FML. haha



James sciences the shit out of this:

50BMG-Proof-iPhone-Case0:20 – LOL bibles… that would have been great just to see heads explode in the comments.  Well played James well played, should have led us on for longer though and troller harder with the title.

Spaghetti squash ballistics FTW!

Huh interesting… I might just retire my .50 BMG Bullet proof iPhone case and carry a regular iPhone in my chest pocket.  It will just be as a decoy of course, because I’ll be carrying my Android phone I use in my pocket.


Busting some Glock myths:

Everything was safe enough up until 4:53… “Tactical Bacon” pushes him in the water, no big deal I thought that was funny… but then what happens next blew my mind…


OMG my head just exploded… These guys were made for each other.

Thoughts?  Hopefully Vigilant Spectre doesn’t file another police report on me for this post. ;)



On a recent MythBusters episode they asked the question:

“Is it possible to shoot a gun out of a bad guy’s hand”

Fly to Your Dreams Blog has a good writeup including some of his observations.

I agree with all his points.  But here is an idea…

Why risk collateral damage when some scumbag is doing something threatening with a gun?  Do the world a favor and just shoot him.

Disarming someone with a bullet does make for good family friendly T.V. though:




I called a few different NATO numbers a while back and inquired about that document.  All the people I talked to told me that it was not just “available” to anyone that simply wanted it.  I found that answer odd though considering every other NATO document under the sun, is readily available on the internet.

My question is:
if there is no STANAG 4179, where does a person get the standardized magazine measurements from? The few dozen companies that make magazines can’t have just busted out their calipers and measured an old COLT magazine they had lying around, and called it day.

Or could they have?

The original Magpul P-Mags never fit properly in “some” AR-15 lowers.  To me, this means that they didn’t use the standardized model of an AR-15 magazine to create their polymer one.

If anyone has the STANAG 4179 document (if it exists :)) please contact me, I’d love to see it.   Otherwise I’d like to see any document that has the AR-15 magazine measurements in it, so please send it over!