nancy grace

Sweet arsenal bro *eye roll*:


You can watch the Nancy Grace yelling about it here if you have a strong stomach.

Nancy Grace’s voice makes me want to throw up.  So an arsenal is 100+ rounds of ammunition and 5 guns?  hahah cool.

I still have no use for Zimmerman, but he was found not guilty so I wish everyone would just leave him alone so he could fade back into obscurity.


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Giving Piers Morgan’s level of class a run for its money:

The guy has a point about Zimmerman being a concealed weapons permit holder.  God I hate when people do that politician style fist-knuckley thing while they are talking to emphasize what they are saying; dude is very hand-gesturey in general.

Nancy Grace’s response to Zimmerman having a concealed weapons permit?  “I don’t care. I DON’T Care.  And you know what Jefferey Dahmer had a legal right to have knives and a boiling pot and that doesn’t mean it’s OK.” <—- WAT? Yea that Dahmer comparison was weak.

Trying to prove a point while getting angry rarely works.  This case (1:47) the guy got muted hahah what a burn :(  … I bet he wanted to go smash things after that.  Even Piers Morgan didn’t pull anything that low, he just raises he voice over the person he’s arguing with.

Nancy-Grace2:03 we have another Nancy Grace gem about how everyone has the right to carry a gun but apparently it’s not normal to carry a “Loaded gun with live ammo and no safety” to walk a dog.  Huh?  Sometime I wonder what country these people live in.  Maybe it’s just the fact they are so rich and get everything including personal protection taken care of for them they just have no idea how regular people live anymore.



In related news Nancy Grace is still obnoxious:

Elly ELLY ELLLLLLLYYY 9:17AM?! Isn’t that a little early to be showing off your AK-47 in the bathroom

OMG like nails on a chalkboard.  What difference does the time of day make?  Maybe they get up early?  Either way I don’t see how the time is relevant.

She was commenting on the brightness of the laser scope on the weapon

The terms they make up are priceless.

The villainizing of the actual gun is this is incredible as usual.  That said, unloaded guns that shoot bullets are dangerous and should be banned.  It’s always unloaded when accidents happen…

4 RULES of firearm safety… learn them.