Looks like he is suing for “Damages”:

As a direct and proximate result of Ward’s unconstutitonal actions, Embody was subjected to arrest in violation of his Fourth Amendment rights and subjected to mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment, because, the events described in this Complaint were published widely in the Nashville area by the local news media.

If he is so embarrassed, then why does he showboat around on all the forums?

I’ll hold the constitution above personal opinion any day of the week, but if he expects to win a case like this, I bet any lawyer would have told him to keep his mouth shut, and lay low on internet forums.

Here is the Complaint itself:

Case # 3:10-cv-00126 , Middle Tennessee District Court 6th Circuit

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Nashville, TN – The suspect is a white man with brown hair who is approximately six feet tall. He wore a Santa suit, including hat, fake white beard and mustache, and dark sunglasses.

Source – Nashville Police

I’m no surveillance expert, but those are some damn crisp photos.  I’m using seeing footage on “crime” shows that looks like it was taken with a camera from World War I.

Hat Tip: Walls Of The City