ABC News got undercover with actors to see how random gun store shoppers would react:

2:26 – Oh shit that random gun shop guy slam dunked that actress lady haha.

3:44 – OHHHHHHHHHHHHH another guy knocks it out of the park.

5:07 – I’m curious to see how this Glock troll will go.  Hmmm Apparently that one dude thought it was ok.

American-Flag5:43 – LOL an AK… this is going to be good.  An “Assault Rifle” as NBC puts it *smh*.  Unsurprisingly the random customer didn’t think it was a good choice.

Honestly coming from ABC, this little segment shocked me.  Is being pro-gun starting to be cool in the media now?  Doubtful… but their usual bias definitely wasn’t showing at least.  I’m really surprised they didn’t make it a bit longer and pepper in several anti-gun reactions.  Maybe they had none to work with?


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A nice / fair report:

David-Gregory-MSNBC-Illegal-AR15-MagazineKirsten Joy Weiss (#WifeGoals) knocks it out of the park in this.

Ugh I always cringe when marketing people and reporters need to throw a name like “Guns 2.0” on things.



Yea wasp spray, no mention of a gun… ever:

Cool story NBC.

I don’t dispute that “wasp spray” isn’t an extreme irritant… I suppose when dealing with MY LIFE, I prefer criminal scum irritants to be made from copper jacketed lead and fly at 1000+ ft/sec.

Criminal-Bullet-Pill-WhiteI swear like 99% of the “news” on a daily basis is just time filler which has the sole purpose to attempt to justify actually paying these people.

Thoughts?  Are you hitting up home depot for some EDC wasp spray and nightstand wasp spray?  Why shoot these criminals right?  It’s probably not their fault that they are invading homes… societal pressure mannnnnn, obama mannnnnnn, drugs mannnnnnnn, baby momma drama mannnnn.


I always get a kick out of when people flip out over stuff like this:

In the coming days, Belcher’s actions will be analyzed through the lens of concussions and head injuries. Who knows? Maybe brain damage triggered his violent overreaction to a fight with his girlfriend. What I believe is, if he didn’t possess/own a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.

You can read Jason Whitlock’s article over at FoxSports.

This post was going to be alternately titled “One Nobody Quotes Another – People Flip Out” because I have no idea who either of the people are, nor do I even care slightly what their stance on gun control is.  That said, sports also isn’t on my radar so these two might be sports knowledge gods for all I know.   Really though, if that’s what Jason Whitlock “believes” then let him believe that.  If he is that stupid to think that a 6’2″ 228 lb. linebacker would have any trouble killing someone with even his bare hands if he wanted to, then I think he needs more of a lesson in physics and anatomy than anything else.

I suppose the main issue though is that rather than remaining neutral in the tragedy  NBC now gets painted with a brush of “shoving gun control down our throats”.  

All I know is I really wanna know what Ja Rule has to say about this whole thing.  hahha



in 2012:

This reality driven series follows the lives and times of the biggest names in shooting, including the legendary Jerry Miculek, Xtreme shooter Patrick Flanigan, Guinness world record holder Randy Oitker, and world champion pistol shooters KC Eusebio and Dave Sevigny.

Despite the annoying echos in the commercial, this looks promising.  I’ve seen most of those guys in videos before, and even though they know they are the best, they are VERY humble.  That’s a good quality to have, because you definitely don’t make friends when you constantly tell people you’re better than them.

My guess is that this series will have no need for a “top douchebag” award.