Nebraska Piece

Hmmmmm well this is sufficiently creepy / useless:

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushI’ve blogged about this “Nebraska Piece” kid before.  He’s very sus, I don’t really know what else to say about him or his videos besides that.  Any videos I can poke fun at though are an asset to the community.

Thoughts? Shoutouts to Nebraska.

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*smh* yea yea the I agree with the sentiment, but oh god everything about the video is cringeworthy.

Nebraska-Piece-MilitiaIf you’re thinking that “Nebraska Piece” sounds familiar then you’re right.  I posted his initial promo video back in December.  I’m still trying to figure out how that was promoting anything besides derp.


Gat tip: Templar Development


Nebrasconeous “promo video”:

My first question is, what is “Nebraska Piece”?  Some sort of corn militia?  *shrug*

Enough TAPCO to choke a horse in this video.  It takes a lot of TAPCO to choke a horse, trust me.  Don’t ask.

0:27 – Man this is so Tier.  Look at the cooperation, the communication, the weapons handling.

0:52 – Ugh that slide fire the guy in the foreground is trying to use is actually giving me chest pains, looking at his trigger pull.

0:59 – “OkAAAAy I’m realoding” *takes a knee and 20 minutes pass*.  Ok back in the fight.

1:12 – Straight creepin through the grass.  I’m loving his drop leg holster too.

1:25 – Ok this guy is the most operator.  He has a drop leg holster also.

1:41 – AWWWWWW shit dual wield son.

Nebraska-Piece-MilitiaI’m not sure exactly what they are promoting, but I can assure you they have my undivided attention.


Gat tip: no uno