Yearly safety briefing, put to a video:

haha it had to be done.  Definitely looks like a lot of effort went into it with all the clips.  LOL at 2:35 with the mattv2099 clips.  I wish that guy was still making vids.

Fellas, I know it has been a while since I put up a post on here.  I’ve been going strong on Instagram , posts every now and then but at least a few stories per day.  It would be nice to break 100,000 followers on there sometime soon.  I always think about putting posts up on here, but since I’m at my phone more than my laptop or desktop lately I’ve been putting it off.  I’ll try and do better, kings.  Hope you’re all doing great btw.

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Only 33 seconds long, but I almost fell asleep:

Yea we know… guns are dangerous.  Well most of us know that anyways.

The best part about this video, is the ulterior motive to collect the personal information of those people who take their “pledge”.  haha check out that site… that format is so played out.  Like they are trying to sell us a shamwow or a mandoline slicer that doubles as a smoothie maker and a guitar.



Ugh… this guy and his derpy accomplice:

DerpWTF?  Really?  Who are these two?

The dance at 0:18 is killer.  I wish he would have hit a dab after, just to finish it off.

0:21 – The biggest concern for derp #2 at this point was the gun falling on the floor.  Nice save though I guess haha.

Thoughts?  I can’t stop watching this video.


Consequences will never be the same for Glasgow Kentucky police officer Darrell Smith:

That Jose Canseco shit before it was cool (the above video happened last year).

The lack of safety shown from all parties involved is terrible.   I don’t put 100% blame on the clerk obviously, but seriously dude… you don’t prove a gun is safe before you hand it to a customer?  Do you not care about your own life and the lives of your coworkers, if not the customers’?

0:44 – Dat red mist.  *ouch*.  Lucky it didn’t go on to kill one of those 4 people where the gun was aimed!

.380 so it will buff right out after they sew the finger dust back on right guys?

HomerFacePalmAccording to a news story he’s suing the gun store.  It will be interesting to see the result of this lawsuit considering the negligence was just as much his as the store’s.  Always a strong move to blame shit on someone else though haha.


Gat tip: Krystian


LOL the range safety jokes literally write themselves:

1:19 – Dallas hey?  MrColionNoir and him should link up for some type of epic collab.

2:23 – Yeager talks about Sonny trying to take his “lead” in being the more controversial firearms instructor (duel contract, photographers downrange, talking about killing people etc..).  LOL yea shooting someone is so funny.   Sheeeeeeeeeeit.  Yeager never shot anyone as far as I know, so Sonny has him edged out in that controversial aspect.  Sonny also swings AK-47s at dudes faces, so then there’s that too. Quite the toss-up hmmmmmm.

3:48 – Sonny owned up to his “mistake”.  Cool story bro?

Sonny-Puzikas-AK-Glock-Dual-WieldNot sure why Yeager is trying to resurrect Sonny’s career, but whatever *shrug* … good for him for trying to help a guy out I suppose if that’s what he really wants to cosign.   The video definitely means more controversy points for Yeager which equal more youtube views.

Would operate in Spetsnaz and/or mall security operations with Sonny?  Let me know in the comments.  Me?  I’ll stay alive and continue to talk shit from my keyboard drinking lux drinks, and stuffing my face with popcorn and cheetos. Which reminds me *MAHHHHHHHHHHHM MOAR CHeeeTOzzzzzzzzs!*


If you like freddiew style action movies keep an eye on these guys and subscribe to their new channel VendlandFX.

When you combine nice cameras with the kind of post processing, story writing,  and editing talent these three have, you know big things are going to happen.