negligent discharge

Wirty Dhore in the cut, that’s a scary sight:

hahaha in this episode my dude is watching anime with the actual Dewalt tool and has a ND. ¬†He does it again with an anime grip 1911 ūüėā. ¬†I love the care he took in setting up the scene.



Oh Man… I think it goes without saying that this guy was fired immediately:

When I opened the vid I knew something stupid was going to happen, I just assumed it would be tame.  NOPE.  Holy I would have got the hell out of there so fast and worried about changing underwear later haha.  Classic how he tries to play it off after while looking red as a damn beet.. talking about the light trigger pull.

I really thought the only thing a person had to worry about at gun rental ranges was the newbs… not instructors.


Gat tip: Chris


haha this guy.  So sciencey:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeUTM gun with UTM ammunition.  I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

I’ll warn you guys in advance, I’m taking days off, *Collective GASPs*… I know! ¬†Going to London and Paris for 10 days with my girlfriend so I’ll be back at it at around the 26th. ¬†Instagram is probably the best spot to snoop on what I’m doing for the next 10 days, and I might put some memes up.

Gat tip: Callum


Ugh… this guy and his derpy accomplice:

DerpWTF?  Really?  Who are these two?

The dance at 0:18 is killer.  I wish he would have hit a dab after, just to finish it off.

0:21 РThe biggest concern for derp #2 at this point was the gun falling on the floor.  Nice save though I guess haha.

Thoughts? ¬†I can’t stop watching this video.


White knights in the comments:

Key-And-Peele-Rap-Album-Confessions0:14 РHmmm so he starts the vid off with a smirk on his face?  Uh ok.

0:24 – Video goes positive vibes to “help kids with cancer” rather than crushing¬†Yeager. ¬†Good on him for trying to promote a good cause like that. ¬†Seems like an initial deflection though in this case, but I still like the sentiment.

5:15 – Asking if someone wants their money back in front of a group of their peers is a lot of pressure. ¬†I personally wouldn’t care

6:50 – SHOTS FIRED at California. haha oh man some guys aren’t going to like that. “There’s something to be said about where this happened and how it’s going down, because I’m telling you the rest of the country doesn’t act like this.”

9:28 – LOL *iced tea blasted out my mouth onto my t-shirt*

Is he still putting photographers down range as part of the curriculum? ¬†Or is that still a calculated risk, just like dropping the gun and stepping on it? ¬†His legitimate real world reasons for dropping them are actually solid though when you think about it. ¬†Could it be done with an empty gun to to illustrate the point and mitigate the risk of another ND? ¬†I’m assuming so, but again what do I know. ¬†BIG BOY RULES again in this case?

Read the comments in the video. ¬†They are hilarious. ¬†I’m assuming the negative ones are being deleted. ¬†I’m actually¬†surprised and not surprised that he responded to this. ¬†It’s a good controversy, and controversies mean views. ¬†Like he and everyone else said, it’s fortunate no one got hurt.



Panteao released the full video:

From the video description:

This will be the first and last time we comment publicly on this incident. Given the firestorm surrounding the video which was recently released without our authorization, we felt it necessary to publicly state our position regarding the matter:

I was getting tagged dozens of times in a 5 second clip of this video on Instagram. ¬†I had no idea what the context was since the clip was so short, so I gave Travis the benefit of the¬†doubt initially. ¬†In this full video we see him demonstrating pushing his index finger on the magazine release at 1:46 when it slips off and hits the trigger which fires a round off. ¬†Embarrassing? ¬†Sure. ¬†No one died and¬†hopefully¬†he learned from the incident. ¬†What else can a person do right? ¬†I’ve never had an accidental or negligent discharge, but I also don’t handle firearms day in and day out, and manipulate loaded firearms in front of cameras while talking and demonstrating different things.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOEven operators make mistakes, and it’s lucky they were taking precautions during filming. ¬†Thank god his beautiful skin was not compromised in any way.

Thoughts? ¬†Anyone else curious the drama surrounding this “unauthorized release”? ¬†Like was a hard drive stolen from Panteao HQ Oceans 11 style and then given to anon who uploaded it hundreds of times on every social media website? ¬†I hope it’s that scandalous. ¬†If you know the story, catch me up in the comments.