negligent discharge

Yearly safety briefing, put to a video:

haha it had to be done.  Definitely looks like a lot of effort went into it with all the clips.  LOL at 2:35 with the mattv2099 clips.  I wish that guy was still making vids.

Fellas, I know it has been a while since I put up a post on here.  I’ve been going strong on Instagram , posts every now and then but at least a few stories per day.  It would be nice to break 100,000 followers on there sometime soon.  I always think about putting posts up on here, but since I’m at my phone more than my laptop or desktop lately I’ve been putting it off.  I’ll try and do better, kings.  Hope you’re all doing great btw.

Gat tip: Eric

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NOT ideal:

Gotta watch that muzzle direction. 👀😬 According to the article on FOX 8 Cleveland, it was 9mm and went through his cheeks.  Definitely could have been a lot worse.



Wirty Dhore in the cut, that’s a scary sight:

hahaha in this episode my dude is watching anime with the actual Dewalt tool and has a ND.  He does it again with an anime grip 1911 😂.  I love the care he took in setting up the scene.



Oh Man… I think it goes without saying that this guy was fired immediately:

When I opened the vid I knew something stupid was going to happen, I just assumed it would be tame.  NOPE.  Holy I would have got the hell out of there so fast and worried about changing underwear later haha.  Classic how he tries to play it off after while looking red as a damn beet.. talking about the light trigger pull.

I really thought the only thing a person had to worry about at gun rental ranges was the newbs… not instructors.


Gat tip: Chris


haha this guy.  So sciencey:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeUTM gun with UTM ammunition.  I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

I’ll warn you guys in advance, I’m taking days off, *Collective GASPs*… I know!  Going to London and Paris for 10 days with my girlfriend so I’ll be back at it at around the 26th.  Instagram is probably the best spot to snoop on what I’m doing for the next 10 days, and I might put some memes up.

Gat tip: Callum


Ugh… this guy and his derpy accomplice:

DerpWTF?  Really?  Who are these two?

The dance at 0:18 is killer.  I wish he would have hit a dab after, just to finish it off.

0:21 – The biggest concern for derp #2 at this point was the gun falling on the floor.  Nice save though I guess haha.

Thoughts?  I can’t stop watching this video.