nelson mandela

Finding it has turned into somewhat of an obsession:

As a young freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela stepped out of a farmhouse hideout in South Africa, took 20 strides and dug a hole on the sprawling land.  He leaned over, put in a semiautomatic pistol and 200 rounds of ammunition, and carefully put a khaki uniform over them.  After covering them with heaps of soil, he sauntered back into his rural hideout in northern Johannesburg — hoping to retrieve them soon.

He never got a chance to fire a shot with the Makarov pistol. A few weeks after he buried it at the farm in Rivonia, he was hurled into prison for the next 27 years.  That was in 1962, and the whereabouts of the gun — now estimated at $3 million — remain a mystery, said Nicholas Wolpe, the chief executive of Liliesleaf Farm, the former hideout now converted into a museum.

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50 years in the ground, with only a khaki uniform wrapped around it?   Yea I’d say that’s pretty much rust-dust by now.