Get it? Pi = 3.14… March (the third month) 14th.  Ahhhhhh ha ha ha.  Brownells celebrated:

WTF, is Brownells trying to steal Mattv2099‘s thunder?  Do they think this internet food video shit’s a game? *DMX growls & barks*  Well they did have an Auto FAL… so I’ll give them that.

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsThoughts?  Please don’t tell me you and your bros had a pi party yesterday where you tried to outdo each other by reciting the most digits back.

(Sorry if you got excited when you saw the post graphic… it was the only PIE related graphic I have uploaded and I’m too lazy to google anything right now)


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Attention all nerd operators who operate in parent’s basement operations:

LOL I lost it at “Ever want to put a slug between an orc’s eyes?”  Uh no… no I haven’t.  It’s relevant to note that I can use the parents basement jokes with impunity because I operated from my parents’ for a long time.

Like every solid idea, this is a indiegogo campaign *eye roll*.  At least their $6500 goal is probably reasonable.  Some jokers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo make the most hilarious goals for the stupidest shit.

Unsurprisingly they go full-nerd with this and even have a “playable game” for each target, explained below:

Orcish-OperatorFor all your nerd operators who don’t have enough orc slaying in your current operations, and are looking for unique new ways to repel females, make sure to check out the Orcish Operator website and even toss some money toward their indiegogo campaign.



With such nerd topics as how to extinguish the sun with a big water gun:

For those that say “but space has no oxygen so combustion can’t happen!”

As the video states: Modern ammunition contains its own oxidizer so firing in space wouldn’t be a problem


Hat tip: Jared


Seriously next level:

Best 13 minutes of time you’ll ever spend on here.  If girls were impressed by video game skill showboating, this guy would be the Asian Brad Pitt / George Cloony / Justin Beiber, all combined.   I’ve never seen such dedication to memorizing such useless game details.   He even has the handshakes in the cut scenes down.

The Game is called Ghost Squad.  At least it’s not guitar hero.

Are any of you guys this dedicated to gaming?