Oh wow… this is real:

Inspired by the best kinds of bar games (ones with simple rules that become more enjoyable the longer you play), by goofing around, and by my generation’s childlike enthusiasm for that piece of gray plastic, Super Russian Roulette (SRR) is a brand new party game for the NES. One unhinged 8-bit cowboy is prepared to call you yellow, call you crazy, mourn your death, or kick up his boots for the last time. One bullet waits in the light gun’s chamber. You, up to two friends, and The Cowboy take turns passing the pistol, spinning the chamber (or not!), and drinking to your own demise (or not).

Super-Russian-Roulette-NES-Nintendo-KickstarterIncredibly, at the time of this post there are 852 people who put forward $66,606 to potentially fake shoot themselves in the head or cheat death.  The topic of the game itself I find uninteresting, boring, and dark however it’s really neat they are making an actual working NES cartridge game, utilizing the Zapper to top it off… in the year 2016.

This comes on the heels of yesterday’s Nintendo Zapper Glock post.

Thoughts?  You interested in dropping $55 on the kickstarter to get this game?

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A decent first episode:

Mario-Brothers-Ammo-Ammunition-Bullet-CartridgeI used to think Toad was lame… he’s alright in this though.  If over the top theatrical gun play isn’t your thing don’t watch this video.

I’m not really sure where they are going with this story, but it looks fairly promising.  At least the production value is top notch.

They have a Kickstarter campaign (like everyone else on earth) they are using to raise money to finish the Mario Warfare series.    Check it out and donate if your’re interested.


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This looks like it has potential:

No set release date.  I hope you guys will email me when it drops, I really want to check it out.


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This is priceless (not much gun play in Part #1):

You ain’t nothing but a Player-two-ass-n***a Luigi… When you die, that’s how n***az gonna remember you.  Player f**king two.

Part #2:

The dialog is definitely on point.


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I feel sorry for kids too young to have ever played duck hunt:

Source – AF275

What a great looking holster.  No surprise that he scored perfect on the test runs. :)

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Photoshop has so many great uses, this is one of them:

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