net gun

Intended for animals:

Hopefully they come out with a cartridge to fire gas (a la Darkwing duck).  As long as it’s gluten free, no GMO gas though.. wouldn’t want to hurt the criminal in the short or long-term.  This is a catch / rehabilitate / release type thing we’re doing remember?  Try and keep up guys. ;)

I always wanted to fire a net out of a gun at something… oh and a grappling hook!  I bet climbing up walls looks easier than it actually is though.

Net gun pricing starts at $1400 over at the Wildlife Capture website.   Aaaaaccckkkkkkk bullets are so much cheaper!  Also with a decently placed shot from a gun you’re completely avoiding potential net gun problems like dealing with a lawsuit when the criminal you captured takes you to court seeking damages for the net burn and emotional trauma. Mo’ net mo’ problems.


Hat tip: Krystian


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