New Year’s Eve

Happy 2020 bois:

👀 haha YIKES 😬, not ideal.

I really wish shooting in the sky wasn’t a thing.  At least if they aimed straight up, there would potentially be less damage.  These guys do the 45 degree thing though which is just mindblowingly dangerous.


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Detroit gonna Detroit:

Two paramedics sit in their broken down ambulance as shots ring out all around them.

That’s some scary stuff right there.


Hope you all had a great night last night, and an awesome 2011 in general.

My hard work in 2011 brought more than I ever hoped for to both my business and personal life.   I see no reason why the upward trend won’t continue in 2012!

Thank you all for supporting, visiting, and commenting on the blog on a regular basis.  And a big thank you to anyone that ever bought a shirt or a glock adapter from me as well.

You can expect the blog to continue on its course, in addition expect to see lots more shirts and possibly some more firearm accessories as well.

Thanks again!

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Police were ordered to have their firearms tapped and signed by their leaders to prevent them from firing during the New Year revelry. Firing of guns in the air to celebrate the coming of the New Year has led to numerous deaths from stray bullets in the past. (Source)

Like I always say.. tape only inconviences the honest.