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Full article over at Newsweek.

Honestly I quit reading after their 7 point simple “common-sense” solution, where half the points were retarded.  I had a hunch it was only going to get worse.

My time is worth something so I don’t read long articles someone’s boss said to write, because guns are a hot topic which will pull in lots of angry comments from both sides resulting in boosted ad revenue.


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Most of the recruits are rural villagers who have never been inside a classroom. Roughly 15 percent test positive for drugs, primarily hashish. Few know how to use a toothbrush or drive, and nearly 90 percent are illiterate.

Since January 2007, upwards of 2,000 police have been killed in action—more than twice the figure for Afghan Army soldiers. U.S. officers say as many as half the police casualties were a result of firearms accidents and traffic collisions.

70,000 or so Afghans trained under the program since its inception, only about 30,000 remain on the force, according to State and Defense officials.

The whole article is very interesting. A good read if you have the time.

Full Story at Newsweek – HERE

I picture the training going something like this: