Whoa.  Relevant to my interests:


$200 and they come in Olive Drab (pictured) and black.  Holy I’m liking the olive ones, and the price is right.

For whatever reason, it seems a lot of you guys aren’t into clothing as much I am.  I’ll keep posting stuff like this though, because it interests me and I hope at least you can appreciate the military cultural appropriation that went into the design of the shoes and of the tote bag shown in the video.



Artist / Photographer FilFury cooked these up:





Looks-Shopped-Tell-By-PixelsToo bad they are just photoshops, and also too bad he didn’t make a Deagle brand Deagle or a Glock.

The UZI in the first picture would definitely be a hood favorite.  I had at least one pair of Air Max shoes, and I think every kid that grew up in the 90s probably did too.  I remember thinking that visible air cushion was so “rad”.  Yea I was a hypebeast before hypebeasting went mainstream.



Unfortunate because he killed his girlfriend :/


If you had not heard of him before, Oscar Pistorius is apparently a South African guy famous for being a double below-knee amputee who won a lot of Paralympic medals for running.  To summarize he shot his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp on Valentines day.  He was charged with murder, and of course now the incident is being used as a model for the “guns are too dangerous to have in the home” argument *eye roll*


Hat tip: Les


Source – Nike

For a measly $30 you’ll be fist pumping and on your way to getting your GTL (Gym Tan Laundry) on something proper.  Just make sure to order yours at least 2 sizes too small… trust me when I say that you definitely want to show the world how jacked you are.

I hate useless stylized military crossover designs… it’s embarrassing to say the least.


Made by artist Phil Noto.

Pretty cool, but i’d have been slightly more impressed if he used a Nike Air Force 1 over some random other shoe.


A 21st century boot for high-speed operators. The lightweight Nike SFB Men’s Boot was engineered to the specifications and needs of global first responder professionals, including: military, rescue and law enforcement. As the lightest, fastest-drying, highest mobility performance boot we’ve ever made, the SFB offers superior comfort for extended wear, straight out of the box.

Just high-speed operators Nike? Not high-speed low drag operators that are in the primary all the time slaying bodies? …Or is that implied?

It seriously blows my mind that only ~37,000 people have seen the following video I quoted in the previous paragraph:


Probably one of my favorite videos on youtube.

But I digress…

Those Nike boots actually look pretty nice. If they are as comfortable and as well made as their shoes  sure they will be a huge hit.  For urban use though, i’ll be sticking with my usual white Air Force 1s.

The Special Forces Boot is available in three flavors: