Oh man:

Any guess on what he’s listening to?  Some Wu-Tang 36 Chambers is my guess…some good sword samples on that album to get you in the mood.  Shame on a ninja, if you catch my drift.

its-tape-katana-memeAccording to the YouTube description – “We trim an average of 2,000 6-7ft trees a day!! If the trees are smaller we usually hit 2500 or more.”  Wow, that doesn’t sound like fun.  They haven’t invented some sort of machine or better method of doing this?

Any video with a sword I have to bring up this epic Katana unboxing video.  It’s obligatory (reference) haha.


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A brass ninja tutorial:

That’s HSLD as _ _ _ _!  I hate collecting brass so much, so I like that idea.

Picatinny-Rail-Mounted-Gas-Operated-Caseless-Reloading-PressI actually used to collect all of my brass, but then I realized I would never buy reloading equipment because a) I don’t shoot that much and b) reloading isn’t exciting enough for me to want to do it.  Lucky my buddy Jon is a brass ninja and avid reloader so I just started giving it all to him when we went to the range.  Yea I still have thousands in all my calibers tumbled ready to go that I kept “just in case”… but I really don’t plan on collecting any more.

Thoughts?  Are you a brass ninja, a brass robin hood?


It happened during a shoot house portion, Gene and a student was doing an AAR after a run in the house. XXXXXX enters first room engages targets (no lights). Gene and student did not positively ID their presence in the second room, XXXXXX goes into room two, engages target with failure drill with Gene standing in front of that target and the student nearby. Two to abdomen, one to the arm. XXXXXX shooting under no light at a target he previously set up. But the problem compounded when XXXXXX did not account for all people in the class, the people in the shoot house upon hearing the shots, did not ID their presence, and shooting in low light with out a light to ID target…….

Well well well… looks like someone wasn’t as HSLD (High Speed Low Drag) as he thought he was.  Whoever could have imagined such an accident would happen?  *eye roll*

I’m not naming names (yet, although if you read the links you can figure it out), because although several of your emailed me various links which I’ll add below, there is very little concrete evidence to support the claims.  I emailed the owner of the shooting range where this happened, and even he didn’t want to verify the story and told me to email the person in question.  I declined to do that because why would that guy in question cooperate with me in me making fun of his dumb ass?

Here are some relevant links to discussions:

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.  I hope the guy he shot (THREE TIMES apparently!#!#!#$!) makes a full recovery.

Amazing how information on this all seems to be “unavailable” or else wiped from the internet.  Even this news story on the incident has basically no useful info.

I’m sure XXXXXX feels terrible, but in my opinion you don’t get any 2nd chances with stuff like this.  Safety is paramount, and if that’s not your main concern when training people then you’re just putting everyone including yourself in a whole lot of danger, and stuff like this WILL happen.  You can beat your chest and bark about “big boy rules” and “real world combat is 360 degress” all you want, but if there are not safety protocols that are being diligently followed (no matter what the class skill level is) then I would consider that gross negligence.


Hat tip: All you guys that sent it in!  I don’t want to name names because some told me to keep theirs quiet.


The Ninja Glock just wasn’t enough, so they stepped their game up and made it tactical:

Holy, that thing is INTENSE. LOL

haha they added a red dot site on the side just in case they had to hold the gun sideways.

Plastic bullets, nuclear bullets, 1mile range missles! deadly stuff.

The pocket holster really just makes sense because you’re not going to want to open carry this thing.


Hilarious from beginning to end:

Too many features on this Glock to list.

“We create a typhoon by pushing the red laser button.” LOL that was the best part.

If you watch one video on this blog today, watch this one.


What a better way to showcase your incredible ninja skills than to set up a bunch of water filled softdrink bottles in your parents back yard, set up a camera and start swinging the sword.

I was just waiting for him to slip up and cut his leg wide open, but that never happened.

The song is Enter The Ninja by Die Antwoord (incase you’re not already down, you need to check them out… very cutting edge stuff).