A ninja, a fake gun, and some fart humor… what’s not to like? :P

Source – White Ninja Comics


I will never understand the allure of outlandish Japanese movies.

When it comes to ones that have guns in them, I’d like to think this takes the cake… But I’m probably wrong:



Unfortunately there are no English subtitles, but the bad acting should keep you entertained.

The movie has 3 parts total.  The embedded video is part 2, but if you feel you need to see the background story and a conclusion, check out PART1 and PART3.

IMDB page – HERE

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I smell a ban on tape measures as “short range retractable weapons” in our future.

Hat Tip: Theo Spark


Like the ninja method, I can’t get this one handed loading technique to work for me either:

Relevant part starts at 8 seconds


Maybe my hands aren’t big enough?  Either that or i’m chalking it up to a weak, or aftermarket spring in that beretta… just like my excuse for the glock ninja method. :P

Can any of you guys chamber a round using this method with your Glock? What about your Beretta?

let me know in the comments



There are quite a few videos of this on youtube.  I tried it out but couldn’t even get close to clambering a round (snap cap in my case).  I’m skeptical that these guys have factory springs in their guns… at the very least I’d say they would have a VERY “broken in” factory spring.  I haven’t seen anyone do this in real life with a stock glock yet.

Maybe i’m just not quick enough.  Once my shoulder and elbow recovers i’ll give it another try.