north korea

haha this joke never gets old:

Troll-FaceI’m used to seeing low frame rates sometime, it got me (ya ya Got eeeeeem) at the starting because I thought the camera just wasn’t picking up the slide reciprocation.

I posted a similar video on Instagram a while back.  I like how the North Koreans added the brass sound effect… very good thinking LOL.

That’s an interesting camouflage pattern the soldiers are wearing.  I matched with a girl on Tinder the other day who was like “I dislike army print” in her About Me section… I’m probably going to troll her soon and post it on Instagram.  I’m surprised she even wanted a piece of this action considering I am wearing my Multicam backpack hiking, in all but one of the pictures I have up.  Probably so thirsty she’s willing to overlook that *smh* “Army print”.

Gat tip: NC


Relevant to my interests:

If you liked the original Red Dawn (1984), enjoying this one probably won’t be a stretch.  It appears to be the a similar story line but the enemy is North Korea rather than Russia.

Are you guys looking forward to this movie?  Maybe irritated that they even attempted to remake the original?

*eye roll* at them using Filter’s “Hey Man, Nice Shot” song in the trailer. That song is almost as played out as Drowning Pool’s “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” for war type movie trailer scenes.

Release Date: November 21, 2012


South Korea will tell army training centres to stop using pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il and his son as targets on rifle ranges, the defence ministry said.

Full story – HERE

Pretty funny that the Army was actually using targets like the one pictured. I like the idea, but when stuff like that leaks it obviously does nothing good for already rocky relationships.