notch hat

Saw this on one of my Amazon t-shirt pages:


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Oh god no… Please tell me the majority of you guys aren’t paring ENDO Apparel t-shirts with Levi’s jeans, Adidas cross-trainers, and NOTCH HATS?!  My eletist clothing attitude can somewhat forgive the dad jeans and the Adidas… but the Notch hat is unforgivable; I don’t care how high speed the sunglasses you’re wearing are. ;)

Are you guys wearing shark jump life helmet backpacks and rocking tactical arm tape as well?  Spin your Lupus flashlight gizmo, activate the light, aim it at your keyboard and let me know what’s up.


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Likely not wanted by operators who operate in operations, despite the picture suggesting it:


If you haven’t gathered by the pictures, the entire “selling feature” of this hat are the two notches cut out of the pre-curved visor.  I’m not sure why you can’t just pull your hat up 1/4″ like a normal human being when you’re wearing sunglasses, rather than wear a hat with bite marks taken out of it… but there you go…. BECAUSE AMERICA!

I’m sure they have that visor patented, otherwise you just know companies like NewEra would be all over this idea (hahah uhhhh no).

Notch-HatMrColionNoir operates hard and he likes his hats down really low… maybe he would like these?  I doubt it, because he’s a stylish mofo.

You can check out the entire lineup over at the Notch Hat website, and by all means buy the shit out of everything if you think it’s a good idea.

Thoughts?  Anyone else curious what the inevitable Notch underwear will look like?

Hat tip: Rick