The ladies and the fellas at Noveske did it again:

Good stuff… It’s for their new GEN4 Rifles.  They are priced in the higher end, starting at $2150 for the little PDW.  Man do they look sweet though.  The fact it’s Noveske definitely gets you some more right swipes on Tinder, and extra “HeLL Ya BoRthEr!” ‘s compared to other more mainstream brands.

Noveske definitely knows how to have a good time.  I documented it in some past posts if you care to peruse.



Noveske went full-ween:

I missed posting this for actual Halloween… oh wait I see so did Noveske haha (Nov 1st post date on YouTube).

Do people still comment stupid things like “GoT a Purrmit For THoSe SbRs SOn?” when you show up to your shooting spot braced out?  I remember that comment was all the rage when the braces first came out, Like “Chill old man, I got this under control damn”.

Good stuff.  Thoughts?


This is epic:

These cool moms are cool.  Remember the mother’s day video they did, which I posted a while back?

Noveske is kind.  They rewind.



Moms doing 2nd Amendment mom stuff:

Sure why not.  Beats watching DaNYo DeFeNSe’s weakass ads about nothing.  No one is really putting out any worthwhile products or promoting anything interesting nowadays it seems.  Is the industry in a slump?  Are people even buying new AR-15s anymore?  There has to be like 10 AR-15s for every gun owner in the US by now.  I’m sure the AR-15 accessory market must be the hottest segment, if it’s even all that hot. Maybe the suppressor market is doing alright? Even that seems to be the same old shit with a different logo or assembly style with a slight db reduction difference.

The video reminded me of this:



Noveske x OAF Nation.  This is cool:

Awesome.  A few of these girls had wedding rings on which I thought was kind of funny for such a video.  I would have bought 18 rifles, but since the girls aren’t single I’m buying ZERO rifles in protest. haha :P

Noveske-LogoI really would have thought the AR-15 market (especially the ones priced on the higher end of the spectrum) would have been saturated YEARS ago, but apparently not.  Well at least this collaboration came with an awesome video.  If you want a nice rifle with Magpul furniture and an OAF logo on it for $2000 they got you.

Thoughts? Excuse me while I go quench my thirst with some Evian x Alexander Wang water.


Silencerco sure has some cool places they shoot in Oregon:

The pristine wilderness is awesome… FILL IT WITH LEAD.  I just hope people don’t get any ideas like this around where I go on hikes.

Silencerco-Boat-ShootingLOL that swan.


Hat tip: Tim, Erik