Noveske x OAF Nation.  This is cool:

Awesome.  A few of these girls had wedding rings on which I thought was kind of funny for such a video.  I would have bought 18 rifles, but since the girls aren’t single I’m buying ZERO rifles in protest. haha :P

Noveske-LogoI really would have thought the AR-15 market (especially the ones priced on the higher end of the spectrum) would have been saturated YEARS ago, but apparently not.  Well at least this collaboration came with an awesome video.  If you want a nice rifle with Magpul furniture and an OAF logo on it for $2000 they got you.

Thoughts? Excuse me while I go quench my thirst with some Evian x Alexander Wang water.


Silencerco sure has some cool places they shoot in Oregon:

The pristine wilderness is awesome… FILL IT WITH LEAD.  I just hope people don’t get any ideas like this around where I go on hikes.

Silencerco-Boat-ShootingLOL that swan.


Hat tip: Tim, Erik


Purely for shits and giggles:

Noveske-LogoWhat’s not to like?  I enjoy when companies don’t take themselves too seriously.

You can check out their website if you’re feeling in a spending mood and you want something badass.



The police report – HERE

Damn :( only 36 years old.  Not that much older than me…  I didn’t know the guy, but from the YouTube videos I saw him in, and the things I read about him he seemed like a class act.

My condolences to his friends and family.  I hope they are able to pull through this and keep pumping out quality firearms and accessories in his honor.

Remember guys, always wear your seatbelt.  Sure they can get annoying at times, but John may still be here today if he was wearing his.


A visually stunning DVD with tips, tricks, and techniques etc…:

Maybe I just drank too much coffee this morning, but my heart was racing after watching the vid.  If you’re into 3 gun and want to step your game up, this looks like it would be worth buying/watching.  I was somewhat disappointed because initially When I saw the title I thought it was going to be some sort of guitar hero twist with guns. :/ haha

The video is from the Noveske Shooting Team, but I can’t find any mention of it on the company website yet.  “Coming soon” still I suppose.

I like how companies aren’t messing around, and putting out garbage low production value videos anymore!  You gotta pay to play and be taken seriously in a crowded marketplace.

I don’t do three gun, but I’d like to give this a watch just to pick up some tips for the fun aspect of it.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys big into 3 gun?