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NRA News x Natalie Foster:

0:40 – “Obviously I’m only talking about kids that are physically and mentally healthy.” … hmmm so like not handicapped kids? Or am I misunderstanding?  What does physical health have to do with shooting a gun while under adult supervision?

Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Natalie-FosterI don’t know… as much as I’d like to see kids being raised not to be afraid of guns and respect them more; if you’re talking about a replacement for video games I think more physical activity would be a better choice, with recreational shooting on the side.

1:49 – Fitness?  Are these kids she’s talking about, supposed to be doing IDPA now?  Sitting on a bench shooting a rifle, then walking down to your target is hardly rigorous exercise.



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Fear Mongering:

I get excited whenever I see a MrColionNoir video, but it’s quite predictable what the message is going to be now since he’s signed on with the NRA.  Yea NRA we get it… guns aren’t bad and neither are gun owners.  Are we THAT insecure as gun owners that we have to keep addressing an audience which isn’t even listening?  Sure there might be the occasional case of a convert who used to hate guns but now loves them, because someone he/she knew showed them some of these factual videos.  Most of the time though these types of videos are just preaching to the choir I’d assume. BRING MRCOLIONNOIR’S SIGNATURE FUNNY VIDS BACK.




Billy rolled out of bed, put on a black T and hit record:

Rage-MonocleAW HELLLLLL NAW, ain’t that some bullshit.

How come he’s the only NRA commentator without his own show?  I smell a conspiracy that goes up to the highest levels of government.



MrColionNoir x Amy Robbins:

When my NRA contact / e-friend Becky emailed me about the vid, I cracked the joke about Amy forgetting her pants.  I don’t think she was amused.

NRA-FreestyleWho is Amy Robbins anyway?  I’m not saying she has to have any sort of shooting credentials.. I’m just curious what her background is and I couldn’t find much out in the 5 minutes of research I did.

I have high hopes for this show because MrColionNoir is my dude, and he’s running it.   We’ll see what happens when EP 1 drops May 11th on YouTube and

Tangent, I was hoping MrColionNoir would actually freestyle rap on the show (Maybe he’ll even have a bathroom booth like BigTigger… shout out to those who used to watch RapCity Tha basement back in the day). I even ghost wrote a few bars for him:

They call me Noir / I M6’d the car / bought all the bottles at the bar / Buy shit you’ll never have / then I lamp in the lab / NRA picks up the tab / I son MF’ers / Call me your dad.

That was a little taste. I could keep going, but unlike MrColionNoir I only do #Paystyle. :P



Ginny Simone reports:

Oh and here’s a bonus pic of the Yee and 30 Magazine clip in half a second ghost gun De Leon:


It was on Senator Barbra Boxer’s facebook page, but unsurprisingly got deleted in an effort to avoid more embarrassment. hahahaha owned.

Leland-YeeThoughts?  Some of you non death penalty / “more compassion for criminals” type readers probably just want to see Yee rehabilitated though right?  I mean, after all he is just a man and were not perfect.

I’ll have to say I’m against the death penalty on this one.  Let California tax payers take care of him, hopefully in general population where he can get decades worth of daily prison drama to spice his life up.

Hat tip: Smith


Those signs don’t amuse me.  Dom Raso doesn’t play that either:

Dom-Raso-NRAI always just assume whatever gun (usually a revolver or a 1911) which is on the sign, are the ones that are banned.  Others take a “Concealed is concealed” approach.  I’ve heard that in some states those signs aren’t even LAW anyway.  It would be like putting a “no blue socks” sign up in your store… sure you could ask people with blue socks to leave the store, telling them their money isn’t any good there, but it’s not like you can press charges or anything.

Thoughts?  Do you spend money at business which have those dumb signs?