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NRA Women takes a look:

The “simulator” appears to be similar to airsoft more than an actual firearm, but whatever starts the conversation, introduces the woman to proper handling, and the idea of firearms in general is awesome.

I feel left out by the name though… “SHOOT LIKE A GIRL”.  I’d like to try that simulator without feeling like a pansy.  This reverse sexism kills me… like I’ve been out a few times recently looking at the drink menu and see a delicious ones with names like “Pink Lady”, “Sexy minx” etc… and am like Awwwwww shit, I guess I’ll just have another beer. :P

NRA-LogoCheck out Shoot Like A Girl for more info on the group.



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NRA Women x Tatiana Whitlock:

What’s up with that random picture on the wall?  Is it some sort of “still life” type scenario I’m not deep enough to understand?

0:48 – “Make sure you have a clear and downloaded firearm.” haha DO NOT attempt to stream the firearm off the firearm server… it’s just not safe, and you’ll look like a douchebag.

0:55 – Ammunition kills!  Lock it up at all times in a separate room!

3:17 – Ah there it is… tactical operator scan.  I knew it was coming!  Good idea as long as you’re actually looking, not just moving your head.

LaserCan-Spray-Paint-Laser-GuidanceI don’t know how “situational” practicing in a quiet room with a paper target is… but I’m not going to scoff at the idea of practice.  Situational for me would be on the couch with cheeto dust all over my underwear and someone busts down my condo door.  I barrel roll to my AR-15 and dump magazine after magazine… threat neutralized. :P



Girls Guide to Guns‘ own Natalie Foster and NRA Women with a great second episode:

The NRA is pumping out so much content now a lot of which is great, I just don’t want to post all of it because I don’t really have much to say about it.  This show is really awesome, and I’m not even a girl.

4:30 – Custom Ear pro is the only way to go.  I double up always with muffs still too if I’m shooting under a canopy or indoors.  Shooting outdoors with the sound is able to dissipate I just wear the custom plugs.

The best thing about this show is it’s fun to watch, because everyone in it is having fun.  Unlike a lot of the NRA stuff, this show focuses on shooting as a lifestyle and a hobby with no mention at all about the “anti-gun” or the “gun grabbers” etc… It’s refreshing to not have that pushed into my face all the time.

Nice looking shooting spots.  I don’t know if she said, but I’m guessing they are all in California unfortunately.

17:00 – That’s what it’s all about right there! First time shooting, and first time even handling a gun.  Look at the level of excitement.

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-Shot-LogoI know it’s mainly guys that follow this blog, but if any of you have wives or girlfriends you should consider telling them about this show!



Starring Girls Guide to Guns lady boss / NRA News commentator Natalie Foster:

Looks like it’s going to be a really well done show.  I’m not above watching shows tailored towards women and by women, if they are interesting.  The worst is when shows like this are done by old guys thinking they “know what the women enjoy, such as pink colored stuff and lots of kitchen talk”.  From the preview I’m under the impression that Natalie seems to have a lot of creative control, so I’m sure it will be good.

NRA-Women-Love-At-First-ShotThe NRA has a special NRA Women site for this show with other woman related topics and initiatives, and a forum you can check out (or tell your wife, girlfriend etc… about)