LOL this. Jimmies Rustled:

I don’t really “get” what niche this Snitchfield series of videos fills  What’s a Snitchfield anyways?  Is it the guy’s last name?  I’ve only briefly watched a few of these and I don’t get the point of them other than “CONTENT”.  Man he got trolled so hard SO DAMN HARD by the comment.

Dom Raso in the mix starting at around 1:35.  I like that guy, but he got trolled hard too.  I follow Dom on Instagram, very motivating guy.

Oh never mind re Snitchfield… 2:21 says the guy’s name “Grant Snitchfield”.



A movie about gun control and politics:

Wow that looks boring and embarrassing.  It’s not doing TOO terrible on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, so I might watch it someday if any of you guys says it’s alright.  I watched 13 hours tonight (finally), and enjoyed that.

From the director:

“We didn’t offer the script to the Brady Campaign, we didn’t offer the script to any Second Amendment groups,” director John Madden said when I asked if he had consulted with the NRA or other gun rights groups when making the film. “We didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic. … I don’t think — the film is not political in its intent. It’s political in its milieu and it’s political in its, you know, the background of the story. But it’s more about political process to me.”

Full article on the Washington Post.  In theaters now.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys see this yet?  Looks like another lame money grab because “guns are so hot right now”.  The old throw shit at the wall and see what sticks approach seems to work decent for making money in Hollywood if you have lots of money.


hahahaha this ad:

Fat-Guy-Virtual-Reality0:15 – Ok lady… imma stop you right there.  It’s old FAT white men who smoke cigars.

0:21 – Hmmm her voice is about as deep as mine, and she looks about my age.  Unless she’s a cool teen at heart like I am, then she’s old depending on who you talk to.

This lady is loving the slow motion after this.  Everything looks cooler in slow motion.

I’m assuming it’s posts like this which caused NRA reps to have stopped emailing me a long time ago. hahah

Thoughts?  Preaching to the choir, or is this ad being aired during Will & Grace reruns yet?


You know him.  NRA paid him a visit:

Hickok45-YoutubeDecent little segment.  NRA All Access needs to visit yung RoyalNonesuch and the prince Mattv2099 etc… so many others too that are important to the culture.


Colion Noir speaks on it:

Roast-Hand-Colion-NoirColion Noir is wearing the ENDO AR-15 Builders club t-shirt in the video.  I think that’s the 3rd of 4th t-shirt I designed (shortly after I built my ARs), and it’s still one of my favorites.

I’ve watched a lot of NRA videos lately that haven’t been gun related.  I’m not sure why they are doing that, but at least this video was related to guns.

I’m looking forward to see what NOIR Season 5 is about.  If you haven’t seen NOIR seasons 1-4 you should check them out on Colion Noir’s youtube channel or the NRA NOIR website.

Better believe I’m keeping this “Noir roast hand” screencap around to use in future random posts haha. 100.



Fusion “comedy” made a video:

Matthew (the guy who emailed me this vid) said I needed to fight for Kirsten’s honor haha. They didn’t cook her very bad at all in the video, so I’ll let it slide.

0:30 – Oh man this clip.  Seriously… watch the full video.  I’ll say it again.. Whose mans is this?  Who let this slide? LOL

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-Shooting0:46 – What happened to Billy Johnson anyway?  Haven’t seen a video with him since his failed attempt to kickstart money for that documentary he wanted to produce.

Oh and if you didn’t catch it when I first posted it… Fusion “Comedy” made the video comparing owning a gun to owning a chimpanzee. *insert eye roll here*