Right on… Nutnfancy, an OG in the gun game talking about my stock adapter again:

“$1000… 9mm AK… I’ll take my Glock 17 with the stock on it. “ -Nutnfancy

His son shoots with it a few seconds later. The rest of the video they walk around Gunnies and take a look at other items.

I have them in stock and shipping out daily at ENDO Tactical 😎.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Tacdaddy reviews a pooper scooper as Nutnfancy:

Is the whip crack sound a thing Nutnfancy does now?  I’m not ever looking for ways to waste my time, so I haven’t seen a video of his in a few years.  The rest of the nuances of his personality, and all the catch phrases and acronyms he drops (which I know about) were done really well.

3:27 – LOL that slayed me.


Hat tip: Spectre


For the January 19th, 2013 Freedom rally:

Since Nutnfancy learned how to talk, this was the shortest recorded speech he has ever made.  I’ll admit at first I thought it was going to be a long tough ride… I took a pee, cut up several cheeses, grabbed some chips and crackers, and made sure my glass was full of water.  Pleasant surprise though… he actually did a very good job.

Nutnfancy-Utah-State-Capital-SpeechSide note: Who pulls their hat over their sunglasses like that?  Is that a Utah “thing”?



32 minutes long as expected:

Likely edited down from 82 hours worth of footage.

1:20 – “He goes by just the name Nutnfancy… and still not coming out with your real identity”   haha

You know what.. I’m not even going to comment on the rest of the video because.. Sheepdogs… WROL.. POU.. etc…

Brace yourself for half the video spent talking about the “Sheepdog” concept.


Hat tip: Matt S.


Grab a can of redbull because you’re in for the long haul:

The length of that guy’s videos is just getting out of hand. I don’t have the attention span, nor the time to watch YouTube videos that are almost an hour long, and contain about 2 minutes of useful information.

Figured some of you guys would like to see the KSG in action though.