Nvidia Shield

Richard Ryan brings the pain:

haha after he shot the screen I was like “Huh, Pass? .. must be a mistake”… Nope, still worked because all the guts are in the base, not the screen.

Whoa, nice looking fireballs coming out of that Mossberg 464 SPX in slow motion!  I’m not a fan of the look of that rifle, but I bet Mossberg sells boat loads of them.  So much empty rail space Richard… NEEDS MOARRRRRR ACCESSORIES!  :P

The informative behind the scenes footage / discussion:

Holy people get mad in the comments on the Tech Feed videos LOL.  I’m guess it’s because those guys are generally gamers and techies and not necessarily into guns.  Still though, a lot of butthurt…

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-Pistol-WhipRichard Is wearing the Pistol Whip t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.