NY reload

The concept, the practice, the shirt, and now the kydex holster:


ENDOapparel for the shirt of course.

PHLster brings the heat with the double Kydex holster… he’s always coming up with funky-ass shit like every single day.

He be like “May I, kick a little something for the G’s?”

Me: Yea

Him: “And make a few holsters as a breeze through, two in the morning and the party’s still jumpin cause my momma ain’t home”.

New-York-Reload-Kydex-HolstersThe holster isn’t up for sale on his website yet (don’t be upset girl, that’s just how it goes).  Hopefully it will be soon and I can update this post.
UPDATE: It’s $90 and available on PHLster now.

Thoughts? (BioTCH!)


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Long, but interesting:

As much as I hate to ever agree with the people who are trying to restrict magazine capacity for “our safety”, it does still seem to me like a good point where an active shooter could possibly mess up under stress, despite their “test” showed it really doesn’t.  Hardly a “real world” type test though when it comes to stress levels.  Where this whole OMG BAN HIGH CAPACITY ASSAULT CLIPS thing gets retarded though, is why would someone who wanted to kill a large number of people even consider using limited capacity magazines?  Exactly, they wouldn’t because there are (and forever will be) millions of regular capacity magazines available for all popular firearms. Oh wait though, you know what.. they might not use them though if they are illegal, because they don’t want the extra charges. *snicker*

New York Reload T-Shirt10:44 – Start of the New York Reload test.  hahah I loved the tossing of the revolvers; ban high capacity revolver holding bags!


Hat tip: Frank, Joshua


Dual wield scenes from some popular movies:

New York Reload holsters are paramount when carrying to dual wield.



New York Reload Definition: The fastest reload is another gun

I’ve seen some people reload autoloaders VERY quickly, like this guy for instance:


The magazine is positioned in an ideal spot in that case though, but I’m sure even with the magazine in an IWB ( Inside the Waist Band ) holster under his shirt he would still be pretty quick.  Quicker than grabbing a 2nd gun though?

Comparable speed is only realized when the initial gun is tossed and not re holstered.  Which begs the question, why would you want to toss aside your initial gun?  I personally wouldn’t, and I think practicing grabbing a 2nd gun rather than practicing your reloads is a BAD idea.

In my opinion, the best method is to carry two guns (both loaded) and two spare magazines.   Both guns should be able to take the same magazines; for example a Glock 17 and a Glock 26 (the full size and the sub compact 9mm).  The only way you should ever be using your backup is if your primary fails, and if it does, the extra weight in spare magazines you carried was not in vain.

To summarize, the New York reload is not very practical.

Here are some more pictures from the 1997 movie Face/Off ( IMDB Page ) with Nicholas Cage and John Travolta (where Nicholas Cage carrys two Springfield M1911A1’s).

Note: Dual wielding looks cool, but is ridiculous




Pictures courtesy of Internet Movie Firearms Database