NRA people sitting around the table agreeing with each other again:

NRA-LogoI don’t dislike these “Defending our America” videos, that said they are kind of useless because they are preaching to the choir and just keep rehashing the same old thing.  Content for the sake of content basically.

What’s with that blonde girl wearing a beret all the time?  Who wears a hat like that indoors?  She should wear some massive Chanel sunglasses as well just to complete the look.




At every range, shooters from the following list of archetypes can be found. The more you think about it, the more you will realize you have seen these people. The question is, which one are you?

  1. Grampa and Cody
  2. The Range Nazi
  3. The Tea Drinking Man.
  4. Jesse and Jamie.
  5. The Paramilitary Poseur
  6. The Man in Tac-Black
  7. The Punk-Ass Amateur
  8. The Idiot Girlfriend.
  9. The Homie
  10. The Recreationist
  11. The Guest
  12. The IPSC Weiner
  13. The Hippie.

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