oil filter

Hickok45 tests one out on a .22LR handgun and rifle:

I blogged about Oil Filter Suppressors a while ago… awesome little adapters.  That is incredible quiet on the rifle!

For $75 + the one time $200 tax stamp it really doesn’t seem like you can go wrong.

Hickok45-YoutubeI wish he would have compared the .22LR oil filter suppressed rifle to another one on that AR he had there.

Thoughts?  And of you guys own one of these adapters?

I’ve always wondered if Hickok45 has haters… My guess is since it’s YouTube, he probably does, but I can’t possibly see why anyone would hate on him.


This is Purolator’s way of saying cardboard oil filter endcaps suck:

Cool, i’ll take any gun related commercial where guns aren’t villainized.

They have a couple other non gun related commericals on their youtube channel which are decent too.

Hat tip: Earl