Saves her own life by keeping her cool and grabbing her mom’s gun to handle business:

Full story – News9

It’s a real shame when these stories end with “he was released from the hospital and taken to jail”.  Real class act that guy… 2011 arrest for abducting a retarded 17 year old girl.  *smh*

What’s the standard anti-gun response to an event like this? Should that girl have just hid in the closet waiting to be raped or murdered?

I don’t know why sometimes the firearm used is such a big secret.  Would it have killed them to say the make / model, or is it some sort of liability issue because the girl is only 12?  Are they worried about 12 year-olds across the country being influenced and acquiring that exact handgun?


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Not much else to report on this.

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In case you’re wondering where shes from… she was the Playboy “Playmate Of The Year” in 2007.

Hahahah she did NOT like that flame thrower. She really seemed to have fun shooting everything else though, and actually seemed to hold her own for the most part.

Sara Underwood’s Wikipedia page – HERE

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