open carry

Threepers, piehitters, sheephitters, fudds.  But they are all brothers (boRthers if you will) in the 2nd Amendment sense oh my:

0:03 – Ugh.. this Kaitlin girl.  I’m not even going to explain why I don’t like her, because it only gives her power.  I will say there are MILLIONS of women proudly supporting the 2nd Amendment every day of the week that don’t want or need the spotlight like this girl.  She’s basically the pro-gun equivalent of that parkland kid with the sharky face (Kevin? David something?  who even cares I’m already over it as I type this haha).

Guys I’m like 22 seconds in and there is A LOT to digest.  I think I’ll just let you guys just watch it on your own, other than a few time stamps that absolutely blew my mind.

1:42 – ROFLOLOLOLOL this neckbeard actually has a TEC-9 on a rope around his neck.  I’ve seen it all. “It’s a tec-9… it shoots 9mm.  It’s a good lil gun… 32 round clip.  Got an AK on one arm.. AR on the other.”  This is by far the best part of the video.  You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for anything better.

5:36 – smh… Kaitlin again.  Huge surprise.

6:44 – SMH someones mom in a bootleg “Keep Calm And Carry” shirt.  I retired my original design for now which everyone and their underpaid hardworking Chinese Auntie who lives in Shenzhen with ripped off a few years back, but it was a classic.  Triple OG ENDO heads definitely have a real one still in the rotation.

7:50 – My man.  Getting flicked up for the gram.  Nancy might hit 100 likes on that one if her grandsons push it to their stories.

8:28 – Over the windbreaker carry with the MardiGras bead necklace.  Archibald out here flexin.

Thoughts?  Oh and since were taking the ‘burgh and self care RIP MAC MILLER 😔:

A legend.

Gat tip: Scott


Oh you use a plain black kydex holster?  Cute bro, you have like ZERO flair.  Check this VENOM themed one out:

Because I’m a low-key BoRther I wouldn’t OC it, but the craftsmanship looks legit.  A company called Tydex Holsters makes it, if you want to hit him up for a custom one.

Here’s a video of it in action:

Thoughts?  You flaring it up, letting the people know how superior you are when you open carry?


Blog reader Pete made this as a song plea to the open carry sheephitters:

Ahahaha perfect. Man… I still can’t believe that balaclava’d open carry into a police station actually happened LOL. Blows my mind that two people could be that dumb.


Gat tip: Pete




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Kevin from USCCA preaches on it:

Hipster-Kitty-Makarov-Open-CarryIf you want to read more of that Phoenix McDonalds open carry snatching, check the link.

Sure Kevin makes some valid points.  One major thing he fails to mention; I’d be willing to bet most criminals would just choose a new victim if they spot you open carrying.



In this Ogden Utah restaurant, they wear kilts and carry handguns:


With a 9mm Smith and Wesson secured in her kilt, Monika Siebers talks with a customer.  heheh “Monika”.  No doubt that old dude is listing the reasons why .45 is better than 9mm, and how kids now have it too easy, and how he had to tell a youngster to get off his lawn.

Full story over at The Guardian.  I was disappointed when I found out in the article the place isn’t actually called “Fish and Clips”, but rather “Sea Bears”.  Oh well, at least The Guardian trolled with the play on words… hehe clips… gets me every time.

Thoughts?  Are you tired of when a big deal is made in the media about something perfect legal and gun related?  The Guardian is a UK site, so I guess they figured a majority of their readers would likely be astonished this can actually happen in the US.

Gat tip: Girlfriend