haha epic.  Terminal Lance is awesome.  If you’re into military related humor you should check his site out; there are 528 more comics like this one.



According to their promo video:

They did a nice job on the video.  Makes me want to kick a door down and shoot something, and carry a badass rifle on a hike in a snowy environment (then shoot something).

It was refreshing they decided not to use the standard dubstep type music.

Thoughts?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Daniel Defense one of the few companies that actually pride themselves in making standard but consistently good quality AR-15s?  No fancy or flagrant extra skeletonized bullshit like a lot of companies are doing to try to gain market share / be relevant.


Want to pretend that you operate?  Say no more fam:


Wilson Combat has you covered with their new “Armor Tuff” custom finishes.

I give it a solid “meh”.  I like the way natural wear looks on guns, but to fake it and spend a higher price doing, it I find hilarious.  Also this “wear” looks too over done, and not natural… acid and wire bbq brush and a few too many tall cans style.



First Conor Climo from Las Vegas was like:

0:01 – One second (1) in and I’m already cringing so hard.

0:07 – Hello Pizza Hut?  Yea I’m going to need 2 large pizzas… double pepperoni and double cheese to fuel this urban safety op I’m doing.

0:08 – MOLON LABE on the knife (described later on as “handy dandy”).  LOL I like where this is going.

0:38 – What?  He’s walking the streets for 6 hours per day?  We’ll see how long that lasts.

0:55 – 120 rounds for this crime stoppers patrol in case as he puts it “there is a very determined enemy” AHHAHAHA

1:00 – This is my safety sir.

1:09 – Knife hand 100

1:45 – This is how he defines suspicious activity – “If people are outside when they probably aren’t supposed to be”.  Cool story bro.  WHAT? You just see WHAT?  SHILLOETTES?

You can read more over at the KTNV 13 website.

Then he was like:

Looks like the internet wins this round.

0:33 – He says he was discharged from the Army after he failed the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test).  Is that legit?  Can you technically be IN the Army before you even pass the physical fitness test?  Let me know.  I wonder if  this is an 11B in the sandbox type situation like another guy we used to know.

conor-climo-operator1:36 – Now he’s saying he never said he was part of the ARMY, but he was very briefly.  HUH?  man… HUH?

1:48 – Yea ok his heart is in the right place and at least he seems to recognize what he did was derpy… sorta anyway I don’t really know haha.

3:16 – “THE DAY IS SOON TO BECOME NIGHT”.  Tru tru. *scratches head*



Four score and seven operations ago:




HOLY 10/10 would operate with.  These should be in the MOMA.

Berserker Airsoft drew these instant classics.



Corridor Digital delivered:

ShakespeareOperatorLOLOL I don’t know how I missed this one when it came out.  Maybe it’s because “the X deadliest Y” is almost always garbage spam and clickbait which other blogs do.

0:40 – “Get rid of that gun control” *rips off sleeves* hahaha

2:58 – “Sure it’s 9mm which is kind of a bitch round but…”  SHOTS FIRED.

Ok ok I’m liking “The Spider” a lot.

I’m not really sure how a funny video about KILLING terrorists would have been insensitive to release after the Paris attacks, unless they didn’t want to offend all the terrorists still living in the world.  *sigh*


Gat tip: no uno