Four score and seven operations ago:




HOLY 10/10 would operate with.  These should be in the MOMA.

Berserker Airsoft drew these instant classics.


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Corridor Digital delivered:

ShakespeareOperatorLOLOL I don’t know how I missed this one when it came out.  Maybe it’s because “the X deadliest Y” is almost always garbage spam and clickbait which other blogs do.

0:40 – “Get rid of that gun control” *rips off sleeves* hahaha

2:58 – “Sure it’s 9mm which is kind of a bitch round but…”  SHOTS FIRED.

Ok ok I’m liking “The Spider” a lot.

I’m not really sure how a funny video about KILLING terrorists would have been insensitive to release after the Paris attacks, unless they didn’t want to offend all the terrorists still living in the world.  *sigh*


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Battle wear without the battle.  This thing teaks a beating:

Keanu-WoahWHOAAAA EXTREEEEEEEME. :P Come for the trollture tests… stay for the dramatic music.

Some of these tests were impressive, and others.. meh.  If it wasn’t a bolt action I’d be more impressed.

I’m actually the most impressed that the U.S. Optics scope lasted through all that.  I guess the price tag is worth it.

5:34 – hahah *smh*.  I’ve seen deer and various other wildlife at the range before too.  Just have to laugh.

6:22 – “minor field repair”  LOL dead.

The components list is at the end of the video.  The company who built this rifle and did the video goes by APA Precision Firearms.

Thoughts?  Wouldn’t operate without?

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TheYankeeMarshal speaks on it:

nutnfancy-tactically-constipatedOperator culture is so widespread now it’s hilarious.  Even instructors with no operational experience are teaching “operator” stuff by mimicking things they’ve seen in online in YouTube videos and god forbid even in movies.   I agree with TYM on most of the points in this video.  Damn though… I’ve said this in the past, but like 99% of TYM’s videos are unwatchable; click through a few and you’ll see what I mean.  I try to watch more of them when I see a title that interests me but like 30 seconds in, almost always I’m like NOPE.



Fam Nooooooooooooo:

@sighthistory spotted this TactiDERP over at @mission_ready_system *smh* Good find all around. ??⚰?

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DerpIf you’re not already following me on Instagram you should be.  Lots of great memes and funny comments.

If you don’t think anything is wrong in this picture, educate yourself haha.


I’m embarrassed for you guys.  Seems like I’m the only one who was doing this before it was cool.  I present to you the gross motor skills reload:

LOL FML right?  TIER -23 Michael Jordan level chief of operations.  So disruptively dynamic.

I initially assumed it was for sure Airsoft, but he has another video showing the disassembly of the SCAR and it appears to be the real deal.

Gross-Motor-Skills-Rifle-Magazine-ReloadAsian guys are consistently so next level.  They had the illest karate moves and mock handgun disarms in middle school too, I couldn’t even compete.  You can that stereotyping if you want, but it’s just my first hand experience; I was constantly in awe.  Check this, my dawg Roger could even hit an apple with a thrown playing card from across the classroom.  I remember playing Ping Pong in the game room one day and he started tripping throwing cards really quick, and a bunch of them stuck into the drywall and others took chips out.  We were like “OH SHIT, Mr. Scott is going to lose his shit!”, so we quietly dipped just in time while the lunch lady was walking down the hall.  I remember moving a poster of constellations or something later that day over top of the damage.  I’m pretty sure the janitor could have used something to do.  Looking back I’m almost positive one of them just roasted blunts all day in his van until his radio lit up from a kindergarten teacher saying someone puked on the floor again.


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