Orlando Jones

One take with a Ferguson plug / militarized police force rant:

Orlando is rich so I bet he has some sort of custom built ritzy progressive run around the clock by illegal immigrants.

Reloading joke aside my guess is he just bought a bag of brass from Walmart and felt real dirty about it.  Probably paid cash and brought along a Whole Foods paper bag to stash it in to walk back out to his Prius.

Orlando-Jones-Ammo-Bucket-ChallengeAnswer me this… he poured like 5 lbs of brass on his head, why is he winded?  He must have the endurance of a 90 year old woman.

I thought his rant was going somewhere, but then he derailed it with the quickness.  Talk about NRA membership, and flash special police force member badge, disable YouTube comments. Having all those filings in the hair would suck.