Oh hellllll no:

Yikes… two people he flagged.  It’s a miracle no one died…. basically went right in between those kids.

Pakistan-Negligent-Discharge-FirearmI don’t actually know if the guy with the gun is actually their uncle, or if he’s even drunk.  At least if he was drunk he’d have a bit of an excuse for his negligence.

I love how the one kid in the black sticks around after that all went down, and the guy is still manipulating the rifle without a care in the world.  *smh*



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Pakistan army dangerous shooting skills demo:

If there is one thing I’ve learned, is that it’s necessary to endanger other people when you really want to prove your skills. Why aren’t more foreigners doing stupid shit like this on YouTube?  I should fly to some of these countries, sign a bunch of them to ENDO and make billions.  I’d bring my buddy Richard Ryan in on it and he could provide slow motion footage of them cheating death. I’m sure they would be willing to do ridiculous stuff with detcord as well which we could get footage of.

Pakistan-Army-Shooting-SkillsIs this type of practice Yeager approved?  I mean we live in a 360 degree world right guys?  Who knows when you might have to shoot a drone quadcopter that’s hovering just over your operator friend’s head?

Hat tip: TTAG


Those guys definitely know their way around a machine shop.  That’s nuts how the one guy was eyball-milling out a handgun and inner parts by hand on a drill press.

I wonder if they read ENDO? haha  If so, I want one of those unfinished Beretta 92 replicas. :P


Hat tip: Eric


Turning money into noise P-Stan style…  Safety Nazis, this will ruin your Monday:

Being a safety Nazi myself, my head almost exploded 50 times during the video.  The video never shows the area they are shooting towards, but my guess is it’s not a 600ft high pile of sand… probably more like a school or a city backstop after watching these geniuses.

I’m not even going to do a “highlight commentary” on this, because frankly the whole video is the highlight.

The lack of ear and eye protection make it looks like a tryout for FPS Pakistan.

Thoughts?  Anyone looking to head over there to fill a much needed Range Safety Officer position? :P


Try as you will, you will never be this badass:

I just know that this “Bave Pathan” character is on his way to pick up some hot babe to take her out on wild night on the streets of Karachi.

U jelly? Or as they say in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan “U جیلی؟”


I guess in Pakistan no one cares where the bullet actually ends up.


People walking everywhere. people shooting in every direction, guns being passed around freely, kids everywhere… I wonder how many people get injured per year from celebrations such as this?

When I saw the guy at 3:25 with the umbrella I was expecting some sort of batman’s penguin style gun… but sadly my hopes turned to disappointment when I realized it simply started to rain.

These guys hold their guns weird.  Looks like most of them shoot with a half assed limp wristed grip.  Also, most of them couldn’t maintain a safe muzzle direction to save their life.

Is there a 5 round magazine limit in Pakistan? It seems like that is all each of them is shooting in a row.

I wonder if their is a Pakistan equivalent to the Brady center? :P