Mattv2099 x DemolitionRanch:

Mattv2099-Pancake-PenetrationI thought I was on a different site other than YouTube for a minute at the starting of the video haha.  I was glad Mattv2099 didn’t join him in the bath.

I love that fact someone actually suggested this as a video they wanted to see… funny stuff.

So in other words pancakes will work as armor in a pinch :P  Sending the food to Africa is always a nice gesture.

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Answering the question on every operator’s mind… How does the Glock handle maple syrup?

A word to the wise… stay out of maple syrup hot zones when you’re operating.

As ridiculous as the glock torture test videos mattv2099 makes, I enjoy every one of them.

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Thoughts?  Were you surprised maple syrup killed it?  Would the M&P pass the test? :P