đź—Ł”HuuRR Durr BoOgEr HooK on ThE BanG SwiTch” thankfully wasn’t said.

Not the usual humor content I post, but I figured maybe some of you guys needed to hear this.

Thoughts?  I hope someone AckSHULLys me with some science that conflicts with what the guy in the video is saying.

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These guys again:

Uggggggggggggh “stay in your lane” they say.  Again, like we discussed in the previous post since it’s a free country I think it’s up to “instructors” to do whatever they feel they want to, and up to the students to pick out a school / instructor which meets their needs.  The stay in your lane thing especially makes me cringe because if you own a business / know anything about business you probably know that a lot of successful businesses happen as a result of people SPECIFICALLY NOT staying in their lane.

Make sure to check out the first video from this Warfighters series which sparked some nice debate in the comments.

Thoughts?  Wait, actually if you don’t have “qualifications” please don’t give me your thoughts on this.  A.K.A. “stay in your lane” haha jk :P


Travis Haley kicks the truth:

Good video for operators and aspiring operators.  Travis also talks about the classic “search & assess” which people do because they see guys like him doing it… but most don’t do it properly like he does, for the reasons he does.  I see such slow over exaggerated search and assessing in youtube videos, it’s hilarious.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOI’ve seen video of Travis’ personal gun room a few times.  He’s got like 60 AR-15s in various configurations.  I see stuff like that, and am like “WANT” but in reality I’d probably just do like I do with watches, shoes etc… and just use the best / newest few all the time.  I found I was doing that with guns too, which is why I don’t own very many (or any at all since that tragic boating accident, depending on whose asking ;) ).

I wonder if Travis always rocks the clear lenses, or if that’s just for video to make it more personal.  I bet he switches in operator style black lenses when the camera is off.

P.S. – Your skin looks great Travis.  What type of product do you use?  Oh wait, I already know that.



Videos like this are epic:

Panteao Productions is cool, they make good videos with high production value and they have a good sense of humor obviously… most of the time.  They didn’t like when I made fun of Sonny Puzikas AK Finesse in one of their videos so much that they pulled it and re-upped a edit with that mysteriously missing. Huge surprise Sonny ended up negligently ventilating some dude in a shoot house… didn’t see that in the bloopers! :P

Pat-Rogers-USMCDamn they have a lot of awesome people on board.



I make fun of Panteao occasionally, but they release some solid content with some good guys 99% of the time.

They also occasionally have a good sense of humor, which is refreshing in an industry where most videos are dialed up to serious high-speed no bullshit.

They put an MP3 of their intro theme (right click Save As…) up for download in case anyone is interested.  Perfect accompaniment for drying your mullet slow motion in the breeze, or sliding across a car hood like a boss.

I’m not sure what type of licencing rights are on the track, so if you’re planning on using it for something you’re going to make money off you should probably drop them an email.

You can check out their website for more gun related goodness.


Some tips that are probably way above your operating skill level:

0:39 – Badass spin move.

0:40 – By far the highlight of the video (also pictured below). Taking out the trash in 360 degree battlezone he just parachuted face first into no doubt.  I miss that about operating… so many opportunities to look cool. haha

Thoughts?  I feel like buying/watching the DVD just to see what other asinine moves there are.

UPDATE: LOL Panty-oh obviously got butthurt that I made fun of the video so they pulled it and uploaded a trailer mysteriously without that dual wield footage.

UPDATE2: Thank god someone saved it… I re-embedded the saved vid.