The boss of one of Europe’s biggest gunsmiths Gaston Glock is facing a police investigation in Austria after claims that he he held a realistic looking replica pistol to a photographer’s head and pulled the trigger.

He claims the 82-year-old tycoon then fired the gun at him which was a water pistol and then told him: “I bet you’re glad that this is not a real gun.”

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Translation: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH I’m a bottom feeder and someone shot a water pistol at me and then said something I didn’t like.”

Get a real job that doesn’t invade people’s privacy and then maybe i’ll give a shit…. NEXT!

I sure hope Gaston doesn’t have to lose any sleep over this case.



In a new movie titled “Underground Comedy 2010” written, directed, and starring Vince the Shamwow guy.

In a Marilyn Monroe dress, shooting the paparazzi:

A view of her classy Dual Small Of Back (SOB) holster:

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