Whoa this is cool and unexpected haha:

0:50 – ahhaah mans coming in hot with the Maxim 9, great muzzle discipline and all.

0:53 – The safety nazi in me was like “AHHHHH” when he swept his hand.  Oh well it wasn’t loaded yet. I’ll let it slide this time.

LOL what kind of a permit do you need for something like this?  Or is it one of those “FREE MEN DON’T ASK FOR PERMISSION” type things (plus being in what looks like the desert)?


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He’s too highspeed and has too little drag.  Homie realized he needed to slow his roll:

0:00 – Oh lawwwwd ya running with a parachute.  I like this video already.

0:32 – How degrading would it be, to have “Instructor Zero’s derp parachute holder” on your resume? *smh*

The filming style of this whole video has a “internet stalker-in-the-bushes” type feel to it.  Kinda gave me the creeps.  I bet the music was loud just so we couldn’t hear heavy breathing.

1:05 – AHAHHAHA the man is wearing the gasmask on this run.  Gold Jerry… gold.  Looks like the marketing engineer back at IZHQ is purring along nicely… I can’t wait for it to redline again like in the past.  The crests and troughs with this guys internet trolling career are legendary.

Instructor-Zero-Cock-EverywhereThose tactical tights he’s wearing are very risqué.  1/10 would not operate within 100 yards of, since I’m not trying to see the outline of Zero’s junk.



haha those guys are gonna be pissed! Hopefully they are all OK.



Glad to hear he is alright.  His buddies will give him a rough time about that for the rest of his life. hehe

EDIT: The skydiver is not a Ranger, he’s a Golden Knight (Thanks for the correction Molon Labe)