It’s really like this:

Had to use tha gawd Royal Nonesuch for the profile pic.  In the picture you’ll see his chest mounted quad barrel slamfire shotgun… I WOULD link to the video, but he took them all off youtube (or got banned, or sold it to Serbu… I don’t really remember.). Anyways here’s a video of him with a single barrel homemade shotgun build he did.  Actually, I did just find a video on 50CalVal’s channel where they are messing around and building it… no shooting footage though.

Royal Nonesuch is wearing the ENDO Brass Bandit t-shirt in the 50calval video.


Gat tip: Robert and the couple others who sent it (I couldn’t find your emails)

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hahha this guy I’ve never heard of did a parody video, and it’s VERY accurate:

Normally I feel like I’m pretty up on whose popular on YouTube… this Texas Plinking guy in the video has 631k subscribers.  I might be slipping, because that’s. A LOT of subscribers.  I’m going to give myself a pass though it looks like the rest of his videos are not funny, so I didn’t miss anything to blog about.

Holy, the accuracy of those parodies… amirite fellas?



Beauty and the beast style:

Firepower-United-YouTubehaha this guy is good.  If you missed his rifle reloading with gross motor skills epic troll video the other day make sure to take a look.

Growing up in the 80s/90s Beauty and the Beast was really epic when it came out (1991).

Thoughts?  I really hope this guy keeps at it long term with the videos.  The gun community needs all the humor it can get.

Gat tip: James, Eric


Forgotten Weapons with a 13mm Gyrojet rocket carbine:

Chris-Costa-Hive-SatchelRemember CostaGate?  That was so hilarious, I was laughing to myself the other day still about it.  You can hit those links if you need to catch up.. a lot of the instagram embeds on the meme page are actually videos so make sure to click on them to play.

Forgotten Weapons did an awesome job with the parody.  I love how his camera man hit that CAN’T EVEN type GASP WHOAAAAAAHHHHH right on cue.

Thoughts?  How many of you slept on that Ninja Turtle Life Helmet Derp Satchel (pictured) when it was available?  Yeah I bet a lot of you.  I have a storage locker full of them, just waiting for them to appreciate in value so I can retire off some ebay auction money.

By the way it was pure speculation on my behalf about Forgotten Weapons not having as many lustful Asian fanboys than Costa. He may very well even have more, because dudes with access to as many badass guns as he does, coupled with the pony and goatee is pretty much G.O.A.T. unicorn status even on US soil.

Gat tip: Kyle


This is dead on:

Instructor-ZeroThe look, the loadout… even the french accent makes him equally as difficult to understand.

P.S. It’s airsoft guys, chill :P

Gat tip: Thomas


Remember the Advanced Operator Maneuvers From The Back Seat Of A Vehicle? How could you forget!?



Back-Seat-Operator-Maneuver-Dallas-LloydDallas Lloyd of Premier Tactical Group was the original guy.  I can’t wait until he comes out with more comedy… the internet needs him.

Targets on round.


Gat tip: Mitori