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Thoughts?  I guess we’ll see the full thing June 11th.

Gat tip: Zack, Jerry

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Haha this guy:

Pat-McNamaraIf Pat McNamara isn’t already one of your favorite shooters/instructors off the strength of his personality, then maybe another clip from his pistol DVD will sway you. I posted one a few days ago which was funny too. There are just way too many guys who take themselves so seriously in this industry. Pat is like a breath of fresh Hoppe’s. I checked Panty-Oh to see if I could stream his DVD for a few dollars, but this particular Pat one still seems to be in post-production. No big deal I’m thinking… I can wait. BUT, then I was like NAH when I saw that to stream other DVDs on their site they want $30. How’s that working out for them? Why are they not using the iTunes model? I’d definitely spend over $30 with them if I could stream these videos for $5 to $10. Thoughts? Am I just a cheap bastard?


hahah this guy, always with the jokes:

0:38 – AHHHAHA LOL amazing.  I love the tactical t-rex. “Institutionalized inbreeding mindset of snatching the gun back after they fire without checking their work through their sights”.  It looks sooooo TIER though Pat, I don’t know how you’re going to convince dudes otherwise.  Notice in the title I said “character” not entertainer haha.  We all know that throwing the word “entertainer” around is serious business SHOTS FIRED in this industry.  God forbid anyone have any fun with what they do when it’s gun related.

Here’s a promo Pat did for his training DVD, which I really feel like buying:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-Memehaha nice right?  This guy is so high-speed… I wonder if he’s always hyper like that, or if it’s the result of too many daily redbulls and espressos or something?


Just because you saw and operator do it in a movie…

haha Pat McNamara is on point.

That olive drab “tactical golf towel” as a previous commenter “big jimmy” called it, is very “YEEZY SEASON II” (except Pat’s towel probably isn’t in the $2000 range)

Pat on “Training like you fight”:

Troll-Facehaha I’m sure some jimmies will be rustled.

Gat tip: Jerry


Yea this guy is a badass:

Pat-McNamaraI always like to hear the history behind these guys who are well known in the industry.  Sure I give a lot of them a rough time every now and again because I like laughing, but it’s obvious they are doing good work and we’re on the same side.  Some other profile type videos I posted which come to mind were on Larry Vickers, and on Travis Haley.

For a 40-something year old guy, Pat is really agile.  Would gas up and burn things down with.



The Sling Ding – Pat McNamara wants you to Lay pipe to be a better operator:

$30 over at TYR Tactical.

Pat McNamara is a 22 year United States Army Special Operations veteran and he says this “is an ESSENTIAL piece of kit every operator requires”. Direct quote bitches.

Sling-DingYo P… from one operator to another, should I really be trying to add ounces to my kit?  A wise man once said, that after a long day ounces are pounds… Real talk, no?

P.S. – I see you’re getting a lot of sun, and you’re wearing sunglasses.  Can I interest you in a notch hat?  Essential piece of kit as well if you ask me.

Thoughts?  You guys trying to spend $30 and lay pipe in your next op?  Let me know!