Interesting… Jon Patton from the Gun Collective is steamed that Patreon is treading:

Yea, seems Pateron is putting boot to snake 🥾🐍.  Not ideal, I’d be annoyed too.  I’ve mentioned in the past though, it’s their company so it’s their rules… if they don’t want gun related content on their platform then cool story I guess. If someone told me I had to do X or Y with ENDO wouldn’t like that.

I think the most shocking thing out of all this to me still is that NO ONE seems to do anything for sport anymore.  It seems to be working too, a small percentage of everyone’s audience seems more than willing to give people a few dollars a month.

This isn’t the first “gun guy” I’ve heard that left Patreon. I don’t remember the others, but I’m sure more will follow if what they are doing is in violation of the TOS.