patriot pillow

If you don’t have a gun on your hip when you sleep, you should at least have one near your head:

0:37 – “Very difficult to detect…” Bullshit, I did an ocular assessment of the room and immediately decided pillow #3 was suspect… too poofy.

0:43 – Safety sound technology.  That’s some technology alright…

1:09 – Oh shit… gun in the pillow!  I didn’t see that coming from a mile away *eye roll*.  haha “safety device”.  I need to start calling guns in general “safety devices”.

Basically I think there are better options for bedroom defense, and I wasn’t too impressed with the video.  That said, I went over to the Patriot Pillow website, and for the $20 asking price it looks legit so I’m buying at least one for the top of the bed.  Honestly, I’ll probably keep a granola bar and condoms in it though.

There’s a negligent discharge joke that wants in this post so bad… but tonight I’m going to take the high road and be classy.


One looming question in my mind; is the patriot pillow made in the USA?  That would be pretty ironic if it wasn’t.