Kirsten in the lab for easter:

1:28 – I’m thinking this is crazy enough that is just might work. :P

2:31 – Booooo didn’t stop .45 ACP :/, I know 9mm would have bounced off it.

3:04 – Noooo 9mm went through too :/

Kirsten-Joy-Weiss-Shooting4:05 – .22 LR gets pwned by the peeps.  Good to know.

4:37 – Fancy AR, fancy optic.  Flex young woman flex.

Well that was fun. Thoughts?


Richard Ryan rings in Easter with a .50 BMG:

RatedRR-Richard-Ryanhahaha awesome.  I love how peeps are basically made of sugar and air, and even they change the bullet’s trajectory enough to save the peeps at the end of the line.  On second thought, the bullet probably glanced off one of the nails he pushed the peeps into.  The last shot where he double stacked them though worked out nice.