Some new commercials:

The actors, voiceover, music, locations, editing… I don’t really like any of it.  The first video I legit thought was a preroll ad that YouTube was playing, and I was looking for the “skip after 3 seconds” countdown button… but then I was like Ohhhhh.  Whatever Glock is doing is obviously working though, with or without lit commercials that appeal specifically to me.

I don’t know how many girls follow this blog, but if you are one do you like these ads?

In the second video at 0:24 – Finger on the trigger as she’s racking the slide?  Not ideal they used that footage.  Sure there’s no magazine in the gun, but it’s not good practice.  Glock’s own manual naturally even states the following:

Keep your finger out of the gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned the gun’s sights on a safe target and you have made the decision to fire.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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You might recall the whole cartridge leaving the barrel derp in a promo video they put out a few days ago:

Glock-Whole-CartridgeWell that got swept under the rug and cleaned up in editing.  Now we’re left with just a plain old bullet exiting the barrel:

Someone sent me the full old video in 720p, so I’ll put it in my “archives” along with the other classic removed videos I managed to collect.

Thoughts? Think someone got fired over that mistake?


Oh Glock… Ok here we go, I’m going to break down the video:

0:02 – Guy in a white utility van in a black winter hat stroking his goatee and creepin on a girl going into her house.  This is already bad news because as far as I’m only rapists and plumbers own vans like that, and there was no background info about her toilet having any issues.

0:09 – Girl is now inside.  We find out she’s cute and has red hair (bonus), and slipped into some booty shorts (bonus #2) and a purple little low cut number with lace trim (bonus #3)

0:11 – You’ve got to be shitting me… that looks like the R. Lee Ermey Glock “wrong diner” commercial intro

0:17 – Creeper still stroking that beard and looking creepy

0:19 – OH LAWD… it is the “wrong diner” commercial… this is starting to get lame as shit.  A promo within a promo?  Lets see where Glock is going to take this

0:23 – *knock* *knock*  Who the hell knocks like that?  I would have palmed the steel/polymer right then.  She decides to get up and see who it is… sees that creepy rape van outside, gasps, but then is like “meh fuck it” and sits back down.

0:36 – Oh wait.. some acting just kicked in and now she’s acting hot and bothered.. or maybe scared, I can’t tell.

0:41 – More knocks… the knock timing wasn’t quite as creepy, but she’s naturally alarmed.  She gets up anyway… look out the peep hole to see the creepy rape van but no one there.

0:51 – OH LAWD… chain wallet, beard, and now we find out he has a pony tail… some shit is going to go down. Shit always goes down when there is a chain wallet – beard – pony tail trifecta.

0:57 – She’s now scared.  She heads to her bedroom… Goes under the bed and gets her gen4 compact (G19) from some lame lockbox with a not much of a code.

1:13 – Back on the couch but the Glock beside her.  This is how the night should have started in my opinion, and with me there kicking that gun blog flava to her ears, but whatever… continuing on.  More knocks… they are now quick and hard! She’s not impressed.

1:19 – She gets up to go to the door and sees the handle being jiggled.. backs up… steadies her gun at the door.

1:28 – Door BURSTS open… creeper is now INSIDE!

1:35 – He sees her with the gun and faints.

1:45 – He wakes up and is on a stretcher with handcuffs, and R lee Ermey (a paramedic in this case) drops the tagline.  Did the guy hurt his head or something?  Who really gives a shit if he did, I say.  I suppose he’s there as a paramedic since they are “first responders”.

Glock-LogoI’m really disappointed to see “Perfection” hasn’t yet transcended from firearms into promotional videos.  If Glock wasn’t scared of a little controversy, I’d like to be hired to make them the most badass promo video, the world has ever seen.

Thoughts?  If you have a van like that but aren’t a rapist or a plumber I’d like to hear about it in the comments as well.


“The Glock is a great weapon as long as you keep your eye on it, and keep your guard up”:

LOL his new slogan ideas:

  • Glock – So Simple Even Cops Can Use Them
  • Glock – Because You Have A Small Penis
  • Glock – Gamers Think We’re Cool

And more….

TheYankeeMarshal is a funny dude if you can get past the subtitles that require 100% of your attention in order to not miss jokes.

What’s your idea for a new slogan?  I’m going with “Glock – Plastic Fantastic”.

On a related note I was pretty choked (not really, but sorta :/) that Glock quit following me on Twitter.  Must have been one two many lovable comments I made at their expense that they decided to sever all twitter ties with me.  Or maybe they just get sick of my rap quotes, and quotes from The Wire.  Follow me if you have twitter @GunBlog.  It’s too bad Magnum Research doesn’t have Twitter… I was expecting them to be @Deagle but it’s just some slick Asian dude.


Hahha this is awesome:

It is a fully functioning Glock Model 21 .45. No, the drill doesn’t work, but if you point where you want a hole, it can make it happen!

Source – Allen Arms

Reminds me of the Milwaukee and DeWalt AR-15s that people made a few years back. 

I know people would love it if someone brought that kind of thing to a match.

Hat tip: Ricardo


Re-tweeted by Glock on Twitter:

Normally I avoid poking fun of bad tattoos.  People didn’t want them to look bad, but it is often a gamble and life choice that ends up being difficult to reverse.  I’m making an exception on this one though because of the irony… It contains the word perfection, and yet the whole thing is far from perfect.

Well at least the spelling is correct.  I would have been extra bad if it said “Prefection” or something like that hahha.

Well as long as @Glockstar99 is happy with it, then i’m happy for him.  If you want to check out more Glock tattoos at my post from a while back.

Anyone ever get a tattoo they regretted?  Seems like everyone I’ve ever known with any, ended up regretting at least a few of them after a short amount of time.