As the owner a generation 3 G26, I can say that the changes they made for the Gen4 seem pretty much useless and unwarranted. Judging by the picture, the recoil spring / guide rod is the same as the one in my gen3.  The only noticible differences are the removable backstraps, the rough textured frame (RTF), and the enlarged magazine release.

I definitely wont be upgrading, but I see no reason you wouldn’t want the gen4 (if you are in the market for a subcompact Glock) if it is being offered at the same price as the gen3 models.

I had my fingers crossed that the changes would be drastic on the subcompact models. I guess you don’t mess with “Perfection” though right? heh :P


No surprise that Glock had a great year.

I was surprised to find out at the U.S. headquarters only employs 197 people.  I wonder how many people are employed by the company as a whole?

Glock Press Release – HERE

In celebration I added another picture to the end of the classic Glock Kaboom! post – HERE


When I found this picture on flickr, at first I was not sure what I was looking at:


Coffin made of crushed, rusty guns at Artomatic 2009, at 55 M Street SE, in Washington, DC.

Guns will not solve your problems, but they will kill you or someone close to you; a loved one or an enemy. The Gun Coffin ” Death on the NRA installment plan” is made of over 125 destroyed guns turned in by people who choose to no longer keep a gun close. ” The ribbon” is made of ammunition casings, one for each US soldier killed in Iraq at the time of the London Tube bombing.


It’s clear that there are indeed gun parts which make up this piece of art, but my devastation didn’t set in until I clicked on the bigger version of the picture and saw this:


Zooming in some more and cropping…


It appears the Tenifer isn’t doing its job ;)

In all likelihood, the slides could have been heavily sand blasted to keep the “metal” theme going.

Artist: John Ricker
Location: Brentwood, MD

Judging by his website he is EXTREMELY anti-gun.



I wish they would focus on:

1) Creating a single stack handgun

2) Creating some type of rifle

I like my Glocks the way they are.

Hopefully when the new model gets released at the 2010 SHOT show everyone will want one so bad that the market gets flooded with cheap used Glocks. :P

On a side note, it would be absolutely hilarious if these new Glocks have a magazine disconnect and external safety on them.

S&W M&P with the 3 backstrap options

S&W M&P with the 3 backstrap options

Springfield XD-M with the 3 backstrap options

Springfield XD-M with the 3 backstrap options


A while back in my Plaxico Burress gets 2 years for being a dumbass blog entry I had this picture which detailed how Glock trigger lock thumb safety looks and works:


Well apparently this is only proof of concept, because in real life it appears Glock can’t make a gun with the lock on it that works reliably.  Seems like a pretty simple modification, So much for perfection!

They had magazines randomly falling out of the guns, magazines refusing to drop out when the mag release was pressed, brass being ejected into the shooters face and just plain failing to cycle.

Read more about it at TheFirearmBlog where Steve has an interesting post on the Portuguese Police Glock Safety Saga – HERE