Mark Dice with another petition for people to sign:

constitutionOh wow… round up all gun owners, put them into FEMA camps and execute them?  No one was even listening before they signed.  This is exactly why I think petitions (wait… MOST petitions) are useless.

I posted some more Mark Dice petition videos in the past… funny / scary stuff.



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I normally hate petitions, but this one has my attention:


Truly the best use of I’ve seen to date.  Sign the petition to make change happen!

Definitely a hat tip to Mattv2099, who coined the term as far as I know.

Glock brand Clipazine also works in place of Glockazine if you ask me.


Hat tip: Chase


Does that mean the smug look is finally wiped off Senator Leland Yee’s face?

I hope so.  Although he probably won’t sleep well knowing all the criminals out there will still be committing heinous acts with 10 round magazines and bullet button equipped assault rifles.  *eye roll*

From the Gun Owners Of California Website:

We were made aware early this afternoon, directly by the staff of the Appropriations Committee, that SB 249 will not be heard on Thursday, as was previously reported.  They have decided to let the bill die, due to the enourmous pressure put on the Capitol by the pro-gun community led by Gun Owners of California!

Good riddance SB249.  Gun Owners Of California urges CA residents to contact state assembly members and politely let them know not to try such a move again.



It’s OK for non-haters to hate Senator Leland Yee:

I’m not really into online petitions, because I don’t think they do much… but if you think anonymously putting your name down is going to scrap Senate Bill 249 then please by all means head over to and sign up.

You can check out the previous discussion on the bill, which includes the CBS piece over on the previous bullet button ban post.

<— That smug grin should be banned from his face.


Hat tip: Justin W.


This is absolutely priceless:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

Awesome camera work, music, and editing!

I like Kimmel’s choice of the Beretta 92


With some obviously fabricated information, and it was accepted:

Clicked Submit and…

Makes you wonder if there any checks and balances in place to ultimately discard my signature? What’s to stop some Brady goons from signing their own petition with made up names, or even more cleverly using address information out of the phone book or readily available online.  With minimal web programming skills a program could easily scrape the internet for valid addresses and automatically submit them to their little web application.  At the very minimum I find it surprising there was no zip code validation in the form;  55555 isn’t even an Arkansas zip.

I am now even less impressed by the 28,000 28,001 signatures they claim.

UPDATE: CREDO action, the company that is handling the Starbucks petition actually has zip code validation on their own site where people can sign the petition ( ).  There still isn’t any other validation.