Real talk.  Word to R. Kelly you’ll be sittin in VIP smoking and drinking and kicking it:

With Your Precision-Guided Firearm Purchase Starting Black Friday, TrackingPoint will Gift You an Incredible 3-day Las Vegas Trip including Hotel, Airfare and Meals.  You’ll even get free tactical training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

That’s whats up.  Ignatius Pizza even will train you at Front Sight.

Now all you happily married guys will just have to convince your wives the trip for you and her is half paid for if you buy the precision guided firearm you’ve always wanted.  Wait… better yet tell her she needs a break from working so hard, buy the gun, then give her the free trip and tell her to go with her girlfriends.  You get a weekend alone to shoot your new gun and do whatever you want, and she gets a break from you.  Win-Win, that’s how you dooos it Jerry.  When she gets back you’ll be Feelin on that booty.  Why am I so alone, with such good looks, and such fire ideas? LOL life isn’t fair.


Head over to TrackingPoint and start making some good life decisions with your credit card for once.  If you ask nicely they might even wrap it in lights for you… maybe not, but Costco has a hell of a spread right now in the Christmas section. You could do that yourself and throw a ‘gram up, which guaranteed will get more likes than your last food pic or mirror flex selfie.