Philip Thorrold

Phil Thorrold back at it with some killer choreography:

It’s no secret that I love this guy.  I had no idea England (where he’s from) was so poppin for firearms shenanigans.  Are there more Phillip Thorroldish YouTubers I’m missing out on?  Let me know in the comments.

I don’t know what this guy does besides own a shooting academy, but his estate is palatial.

Philip-Thorrold-Clay-Skeet-Shooting1:45 – Fuck a green screen.  Phil DOES IT LIVE.

#Lifegoals – Have a beater 911 Targa just to do stupid shit in.



Philip knows that most of these triggas ain’t living right:

We already know Philip is rollin in something foreign sittin on leather gripping grain.  He really is bout that life; I keep telling you guys this.  Seriously who else but Philip would you expect to shoot at clays (successfully I’ll add) headed straight for his wiener?  That was a rhetorical question.

I bet his Nextel chirp all day.  Sponsorship deals, YouTube thots wanting a ride in the Ferrari, video ideas etc…

Philip-Thorrold-Clay-Skeet-ShootingIf I ever get the opportunity to drink with Philip Thorrold, he’s going to be like “Call me Phil” immediately after we meet.  Then I’ll crack a joke about how we should “get Thorrold”.  He’d immediately get the Bun B reference because he’s cool AF.  He’d then start the Pimp C verse off like “Phil T be that trill trigga / ENDO fuck that Hilfiger / Made myself a YouTube star / In the ‘rrari sippin barre”… I’d do one of those emphatic OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHs naturally.  I have like 10 minutes more of a story in my head, but it’s 3AM so I’ll save it for another post.



My man Philip Thorrold is really bout that life:

Philip-Thorrol-Shooting-Academy-FerrariHoly, nice! haha.  I had no idea who this Philip Thorrold baller was, so I googled him.  Apparently he’s some extreme pro shooter that lives in the UK and owns an eponymous shooting academy. Naming something after yourself is such a flex.

Would dawn a smoking jacket, head out onto the marble patio and discuss gentrification and its effect on world markets with.

*Ballin in the middle of UK no jersey / I don’t want no liquor cause I been drinking that dirty / Bring that ace by the case, my triggas with me / Bring some ice for my cup my drink with me* (in falsetto Future voice)

Thoughts? Thought it was a drought did you?